Pilates Testimonials

Pilates Testimonials: I would like to invite you to add your pilates testimonial to this page.

Please read through the thoughts of others and enjoy the richness of sharing these contributions. 

Join in! You're welcome to either enter only a couple of sentences - or you can set up your own page with photos of yourself and your friends if you like. 

It's so very easy.....All you need to do is add a snippet of your story in the box below, and then expand on it with your "click". Have fun!!!

Warm wishes from Pamela.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Ten Years of Pilates" 
When I first started Pilates about 10 years ago, I wanted to tone up my body focusing on core strength. I have been regularly doing Pilates ever since …

Curvature in Spine 
I was born with a curvature in my back and my nursing career, followed by small children didn't help. Any strenuous activity resulted in lower back pain …

Pilates Convert 
My first introduction to pilates was just last year when I was looking at options to increase my fitness. I was thinking that I'd start Yoga again (after …

Laughing Pilates 
In the beginning,...... there were sagging breasts, flabby tummy, loose? pelvic floor (lots of trips to the loo); no strength THEN....along came a flyer …

My Long List... 
Pilates introduced me 18 months ago to a comprehensive range of stretching and strengthening movements through an exercise routine which I attend weekly. …

A "Friendly" story by David Friend 
From my childhood to 30's, I played a lot of sport. Rugby League footbal for 25 years, cricket for 10, basketball for 5 & boxing for 5. My point being …

I can Touch my Toes! 
I have always enjoyed playing sport, but I got to the stage that I was continually suffering nagging pains which I think were caused by old injuries. Because …

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