Good Abdominal Exercises 

Good Abdominal Exercises : One of the most important exercises for both women and men, are pelvic floor exercises - and people of ALL ages need to do them for lower back strength & great abs.

Check this link - Pelvic Floor Exercises.
Core muscles are those attached to the spine from your neck to coccyx at the base. People of all ages are aware of issues such as posture & balance - these are improved doing abdominal exercises.

Core Strength Exercises will improve abdominal strength as these muscles are working hard holding you steady in this position (don't allow the backside to drop).

Good Abdominal Exercise: Ball Plank

Abdominal Exercise using Balance Ball

Tip:  Start this exercise with hips on the ball and then you can progress to knees, and then onto this, with you feet on the ball.

How to do it? Push-ups - bend elbows. Sounds difficult, but using the ball is dead easy..

To begin, put ball under thighs – there is less strain on the lower back. As you strengthen, move ball under knees, then ankles. It's important that this is done progressively.


Pilates Hundreds Exercise

This is one of our quintessential abdominal exercises for seniors. Holding this position, pump arms up and down. Pilates breathing!! Inhale for 2 pumps and exhale for 2.

The idea is to do 100 pumps which, it is claimed, Joseph Pilates kept doing into his 80’s. So, should be easy for someone like you!!

Single Leg Stretch 

Abdominal Exercise on Mat

This is another one of our quintessential pilates exercises, a favourite for seniors.

Start with head on the floor. Place hands on the left knee and stretch out the right leg, then alternate, hands on right knee and stretch out the left leg. Again, try to get the rhythm of breathing. As you gain strength, lift head, and then more of the upper body off the floor.

Tip:  To begin, put your lower legs on a fitness ball for support.

 Abdominal Obliques

Exercise for Abdominal Obliques

Keep the legs going as above, but with hands behind head, bring right armpit up to left knee and then alternate– your shoulders move across the body.  This exercises your  obliques that also wrap around your torso.

2 Minute VIDEO -for intermediate/advanced levels

Abdominal exercises using the ball are extremely effective, and most seniors love it- great for core strength. Actually, its the instability of the ball which engages lots of small core muscles around the spine whilst doing abdominal exercises.

So be sure to check out our Stability Ball Exercises So, if you're are someone  who is concerned with all issues relating to core abdominal strength, you'll find this routine perfect.

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