Psoas Muscle Pain

Psoas Muscle Pain: Lower back pain?  Groin pain? I cannot express to you how important the psoas muscles are.  They are the core of the core of you.  There are 2 muscle groups that connect your torso to legs.  They are the Piriformis and Psoas.  Their role is primarily a stabilizing one,not a hip flexor - so no crunches or sit-ups for you...

Unfortunately, I have found that many people suffer from injured psoas muscles, holding both physical and emotional trauma. 

You Psoas muscles originates from lumbar vertebra (lower to mid back), extends right through the hip girdle and attaches to the femur in the upper leg.

Psoas Muscle Pain Stretch #1 The BEST!

Psoas Stretch with Ball

Stretch 1: This ball stretch is FANTASTIC for your tight psoas muscles - and worth the expense of a $30 ball just for this!!!  You'll feel like a circus clown at first - but persevere.

  • Lie sideways over the ball, your left hip needs to sit exactly on the top of the ball.
  • Roll over to get you elbow on the floor...
  • Balance yourself by placing feet in the right position - left leg forward if your left hip is on the ball. 
  •  Close your eyes - and breathe.

Click below to watch a 2 minute video with full explanation of the stretch:

Psoas Muscles Pain Stretch #2

Psoas Stretch

This one looks easy, however, it's very difficult to manage, so you’ll have to carefully read instructions to get full benefit. Try to persevere. Good luck! I hope you psoas muscle pain will vanish....

  • In lunge position, legs about a metre apart.

  • Bend knees, and lift the left heel off the floor.

  • Now, we do what’s called a posterior tilt of the pelvis. I’ll give you the best cue I know. Tuck your tailbone between your legs – imagine you are a dog and have been naughty - tail between legs.

  • Holding that position, TRY to draw the left heel down to the floor.

  • If you CAN move the heel more than a centimetre, you’re doing in INCORRECTLY and have lost the pelvic tilt.

    Please, please keep trying this - it's a mind thing! You must focus on keeping your hips tilted. It’s worth persevering, because it’s an extremely effective relief for your psoas muscle pain.

Seniors Psoas Stretch #3

Hip Stretch

This psoas stretch stretches not only your psoas, but also the quads & hamstrings. Cross one leg across under the other and push back to this position. When you get used to this position tilt the upper body and head back. Close your eyes and relax.


Stretching Exercises for Seniors.

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