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If having a healthy, well toned and supple body is important for you, this blog is essential. Pilates began around the late 1940's by the German, Joseph Pilates.
Since then, Pilates has certainly made its mark in the fitness industry. From dancers to footballers, everyone is doing it, including those of us over 50. And why shouldn’t we? Pilates benefits mind and body nurturing a healthy sense of well-being, flexibility and of course, strength.

Looking for some inexpensive weight bearing exercises?  This little piece of rubber is magic.  Pilates works with resistance exercise, so that instead of using weights we use the resistance of our body and pieces of equipment such as this theraband or resistance band.  

Check this link to read further about theraband exercises:

Check out our list of stretches with full range of all major muscles groups in your body.  You'll find one that's right for you HERE 

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    Pilates Benefits for Seniors: PICS & VIDEOS show benefits including better posture & balance, well-toned muscles, improved flexibility

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Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Stretching Exercises for Seniors - a Guide with PICS, VIDEOS and INSTRUCTIONS of stretching regime for a flexible & pain free body.......

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Pilates Core Exercises

Pilates Core Exercises - GUIDE, PICS & VIDEO Workout including BALL exercises & Lower BACK Exercises.......

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Pilates Benefits for Seniors

Pilates Benefits for Seniors: PICS & VIDEOS show benefits including better posture & balance, well-toned muscles, improved flexibility

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Balance Ball Exercises

Balance Ball Exercises : Develop core strength, balance & posture with help of these great PICS & guidance - these ball exercises are the best stress relief around.......

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Benefits of Lower Back Exercises

Benefits of Lower Back Exercises : Dream of a pain-free life? Strong Lower Back = Strong Core Foundation + Healthy Spine. – here’s 3 of the best....GUIDE with PICS & VIDEOS .....

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Theraband Exercises

Theraband Exercises - Try these! It's a brilliant little piece of rubber......

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Pilates Exercises

Pilates Exercises : FREE Guide to Over 100 Exercises & Stretches with VIDEOS & PICS - Improve Core Strength+ Posture+ Balance+ more....

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Pilates Exercise for Seniors

Pilates Exercise for Seniors - VIDEO, GUIDE & PICS - We’re different, we need different Exercises & Stretches – I’ll tell you why and tell you how....

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Pilates Exercises - to help you live in a healthier body..

Pilates Exercises: How to stay fit over 50 & beyond - exercises and stretches to help you look and feel your best..

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Posture Fixer

Posture Fixer: Simple exercises and stretches to improve your stance & how good you look....

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How to Stretch your Back

How to Stretch your back- to ease your Pain

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Kegel Exercises Men

Kegel Exercises Men: Men DO have a pelvic floor and it's essential that men know how to do Kegel exercises. Our PICS & GUIDE will help.....

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Kegel Exercise Benefits

Kegel Exercise Benefits : Are you at risk? Find out here....

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Fitness Ball Exercises

Fitness Ball Exercises: VIDEO, PICS & GUIDE - these exercises are a great way to keep fit, develop core strength and improve balance........

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Balance Exercise for Seniors

Balance Exercise for Seniors: Try these. Both gentle and more challenging depending on what you're looking for....

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Good Abdominal Exercises

Good abdominal exercises : PICS & VIDEO of top 3 together with excellent information about Abdominal Core strength.....

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Pilates Abdominal Exercises

Pilates Abdominal exercises - 3 of the very best of pilates exercises for core strength and great six pack....

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Glute Stretches

Glute Stretches : VIDEO, PICS & GUIDE - to help relieve pain in your lower back with added benefit of lower back flexibility.....

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Benefits of Stretching for Seniors

Benefits of stretching for Seniors: PICS & VIDEOS all muscle stretches are FREE here. Improve flexibility, posture and balance as you work towards a pain-free life......

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Pain in upper Thigh

Pain in Upper thigh? - Find out what's causing it, and fix it. Guids, Pics & VIDEO will help......

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Pilates Benefits

Pilates benefits - share a benefit you have enjoyed -you'll find brilliant information about pilates exercises and stretching exercises from other visitors to this site.......

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Psoas Muscle Pain

Psoas Muscle Pain : PICS’ VIDEO & GUIDE: Painful and tight Psoas causes problems in lower back and groin– brilliant stretch...

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Stretching Exercises for Flexibility

Stretching Exercises for Flexibility: PICS & GUIDE to show you for to attain the flexible body you wish for, with excellent posture, and a bonus feel-good healthy attitude - no pills needed....

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pilates testimonials

pilates testimonials

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How's your Pelvic Floor?

The Pelvic Floor Technique requires some effort to perfect, but its very worthwhile -you certainly wont regret your patience. PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES are grossly under-estimated in their relevance and importance. They are one of the for developing core strength.

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Exercise Videos that help You

Exercise Videos that help you -Youtube videos that will guide your exercise and stretches regime..

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This breathing technique will make you happy!!

It's true! Depression is now being treated with diaphragmatic deep breathing exercises by producing more seratonin - your happy hormone....

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How your Core Strength?

Core strength includes a healthy lower back. Click here for 3 excellent exercises to help you tone your abdominal and back muscles...

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Find a Stretch - see our HUGE menu

These stretches are designed for Seniors, but suit every body....

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Pain in your Thigh?

Quite often pain in thigh area can be caused by a tight Ilio-Tibial Band (which runs down the side of your leg). I firmly believe that if this muscle is chronically tight, it may lead you to hip or knee replacements. Read on and you'll also find a short 3 minute video to help...

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Posture Test - Test It and Fix It with free assessment...

You probably don't look quite as bad as this, but if you spend a good deal of your day sitting and slouching, you'll ruin your posture. Have a look at exercises that will stretch and strengthen your core muscles and ultimately improve posture and you'll find you'll be walking tall.

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Benefits of Lower Back Exercises for Seniors

One of the biggest issues we face as we age is problems with the lower back. Painful?? 2 of the most common causes are a pot tummy and weak lower back muscles (or both YUK!). Here you'll get a bit more info and you must watch the little 3 minute video.

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Seniors Back Problems

Pain in Thigh

Here's a little video to help out: Often thigh pain is caused by tight iliotibial band down the side of your leg...

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Try this quad stretch (front of thigh muscles) ..

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Stretches for Seniors

Flexibility is a very important issue as we age. If you suffer muscle pain or stiffness, it's a great idea to try some stretches.Here, you find every stretch you will need to help you live in a healthy flexible body. Sound good?

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Pilates Classes for People over 50..

It’s the time of the year to seriously asses our health and fitness. New year, new body! Pilates addresses many of the issues that face us as we get older. Issues such a posture, inflexibility and lack of muscle strength. Beginner classes are starting up in Kenmore and Bardon in a couple of weeks. If you interested, please contact me and we’ll have a chat about any problems you may have with your fitness.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

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Pilates Kenmore over 50s

Pilates Kenmore over 50s: If you're over 50, these classes are for you. Core strength, lower back exercises, flexibility, posture...

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Pilates for Seniors Brisbane

Pilates for Seniors Brisbane : classes are held at Bardon & Kenmore, specifically for people over the age of 50..

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Balance Exercises for Seniors

Balance Exercises for Seniors: How's your balance? - VIDEO, PICS, GUIDE & TIPS - Try these!! Simple & Effective for people of all ages to improve balance and help prevent falls......

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Exercise Tips for Seniors

Exercise Tips for Seniors : PICS & GUIDE with easy to follow instructions to help you keep fit and feeling wonderful......

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Lady Ga Ga and Pilates

Lady GaGa likes to do her Pilates workouts with no make-up. Now, there's a change....

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Test your Brain Power with this Puzzle..

It only takes a couple of minutes (for some). If you can put this puzzle together, you can say goodbye to Alzheimer's! This is a lovely little puzzle and you'll be rewarded when you've finished.

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Stretching Exercises are so important whatever your age group. The question is, are you stretching correctly to gain the optimum benefits? Here are a number of essential tips.

1. Make sure, whichever part of your body you are stretching, you try to relax the WHOLE body. For example, the best position for a quad stretch is lying on the floor, on your side, holding your top ankle and drawing the knee back until you feel the tension in your quads. Lying of the floor enables you to focus, not only on relaxing the quads, but your entire body. Of course, remember also to breathe properly. You’ll find the best technique for breathing here at:

2. Hold each stretching for 2-3 minutes.

3. Don’t be tempted to “bounce” a stretch. It may cause injury.

4. Also, don’t push the stretching to think you’ll get more benefit. Work only with a gentle tension, and stretch more frequently.

5. If you’ve got time, stretch before and after exercise. If you don’t, preferable just after.For and full MENU and more information about all stretches, visit:

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