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Are you a beginner and often wondered what Pilates is all about? Or, perhaps you have you been a devotee for a while and are looking for more information? Here, at this helpful website, you'll find exactly what you are looking for.


Whether you do exercises yourself with a home gym kit, use exercise dvds, attend a studio and/or mat classes, it's all good for you. Whether you're looking for exercises for beginners, for advanced students or if you're over the age of 50, you'll find them in the following pages.

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We have an excellent collection of illustrated Pilates stretches for your exercise regime and lots of information to help you understand your body and its needs including aches and pains. Our purpose is for you to enjoy a healthy, fit, energetic and pain free life. Stretching is the answer....

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You'll see that Pilates is for everyone and I'll show you everything you need to know about this tried and true method of exercise for both body and mind.


Looking for a flat tum & great abs?

Everyone wants that! These 3 Pilates exercises will get you there. Do them 3 or 4 times a week. Eat less rich starchy food, drink less wine (boo hoooo!!), and you’ll look great in no time.



Pilates is wonderful for balance and posture, as it strengthens core muscles including pelvic floor and is frequently used for rehabilitation after injury. Your age is no barrier and pilates is regularly enjoyed in nursing homes. Our oldest student is 80!

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Pilates will lengthen muscle, rather than bulk it up as with some other forms of weight bearing exercise. You'll be toned, strong, flexible and curvy rather than bulky.


Back pain is extremely prevalent worldwide. After clearance from your health practitioner, you can start our Pilates back exercises & stretches. Your problem may simply be tight muscles (which we can certainly help with) or it may be a much more complex injury involving deterioration of the spine.

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Doing posture & balance exercises is an important part of any pilates routine, in fact, it's the core of it. It's difficult to say here, just which muscles you need to strengthen, but if you do the Posture Check-up to the right, you will have a clearer idea yourself. You can then follow links to those exercises or stretches, whichever the case may be.

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We have an excellent collection of illustrated Pilates exercises for you to include in your exercise regime and lots of good information to help you understand your body and its needs including its aches and pains. Our purpose is for you to enjoy a healthy, fit, energetic and pain free life.


Did you know that when you work pelvic floor muscles, you are working your abs as well? TRUE! This exercise is under-rated and is essential not only for core strength, but also during pregnancy, after childbirth, athletic incontinence, social confidence, and many more reasons. You cannot afford not to do these exercises – even in your 30’s.

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This simple little bit of rubber is a fantastic inexpensive piece of equipment for you to use at home. A Pilates resistance workout is not like lifting weights, but it is weight bearing exercise – and extremely effective. The bands are available in different strengths, so you can increase resistance as you gain strength. Here are some Pilates exercises to get you going.

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EVERYONE BENEFITS!!!The benfits of Pilates for both body and mind are immeasurable. Our body benefits with strengthening and stretching exercises. Our mind with clarity and mental strength. The mind body connection is crucial. As Joseph Pilates said -"It’is the mind that builds the body". Pilates will lengthen & tone muscle rather than bulk up. You'll be strong, flexible and curvy rather than bulky.



The ball offers such as enormous range of both strength exercises as well as the most fantastic stretches. Pilates Balls are available in 3 sizes, but I have found that 65cm is perfect for most people. You’ll find here brilliant core strength exercises, balance exercises, push-ups with a twist, hip exercises and upperbody. You can start exploring ball exercises by clicking below.


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