Pilates Benefits

Pilates Benefits are now a well known fact.  What began in the mind of Joseph Pilates during his internment in WW2 has become a worldwide phenomenon.  He studied and worked with eastern and western philosophies and formed his own technique which is a fusion of both. 

The benefits acquired from gym work are different from the benefits of pilates.  In gyms, you’re concentration is on the outer muscles (eg biceps, quads etc).  In a pilates workout, your focus is the core muscles (including abdominals), to the outer. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits of performing by adopting this method.  

The Power of the Mind

“It is the mind that builds the body” was a saying of Mr. Pilates.  .  I believe we exist on different levels.  Strength in our body equates to strength in our minds.  Core strength links with this mind body connection in a powerful way. 

In fact, people often remark on the similarities to yoga because of this.  Use these well, and the benefits you’ll enjoy will be better focus, discipline, clarity of thought and a calmer disposition. 

Core Strength

Pilates benefits - share a benefit you have enjoyed -you'll find brilliant  information about pilates exercises and stretching exercises from other visitors to this site.......Pilates benefits - share a benefit you have enjoyed -you'll find brilliant information about pilates exercises and stretches on this site.....

Pilates Benefits #1: Core Strength:  This is probably the most well-known benefits of pilates.  Core muscles are your diaphragm, transverse abdominus (the one that flattens your tummy) and multifidus (either side of lumbar spine), the oblique abdominals and the pelvic floor. 

Every pilates exercise, even if you’re working your biceps, is designed to benefit core muscles.  There is a special technique adopted to do this which is outlined on the next page.

Balance & Posture

Pilates Benefits #2: When you have acquired powerful core strength, you will find another of the benefits of pilates is improved posture and balance.    Together with core muscles, stronger back muscles will improve your postural alignment. 

Balance is particularly important if you’re older.  If your balance is challenged (eg if you trip), you’ll have the strength to save yourself from falling because you have enhanced proprioception. 

Proprioception is a word that describes your awareness of your position in space and is closely connect to balance.  Carry yourself tall and always make a statement when you enter any room!! 

Live in a Flexible Body

Pilates Benefits #3: Pilates is like a 2 sided coin.  Strength on one side and flexibility on the other.  Stretching is so important.  The ability to move freely around without pain is a wonderful benefit of pilates.  Tight muscles prevent this flexibility and cause joint pain. 

Time to do something about that??? Another benefit of pilates and doing your exercise stretches is improved circulation.  Stagnation occurs in tight muscles.  Stretch increases blood flow to those muscles and the blood will deliver nourishment and get rid of waste by-products in the muscle tissue.

And don’t forget to DRINK lots of water.  The benefits of stretching are truly wonderful.  Because your body will feel better, you will feel better and more confident. 

This website offers a large selection of illustrated stretching exercises, the best ab exercises and a plethora of pilates exercises.  These exercises and stretches are for people of all ages from 18 to 80.

To check our full Pilates Exercises and Stretches, go to:

Pilates Exercises MENU

 Stretches MENU
Easy to follow instructions are included, together with extensive information on topics such as:

  • Pelvic Floor Exercises: This is a much neglected aspect of our exercise regime. These exercises are not only related to the pelvic floor, but are also brilliant for a core abdominal tone and strength.

  • Osteoporosis Exercises: Sadly, as we age, if we don't "use" our bones, they deteriorate badly. By "using" bones, I mean to make them work and that involves weight bearing exercises. Pilates is all about resistance exercise, which is weight bearing.

  • Balance: Again, as we age, with lack of exercise, our balance deteriorates.

  • Posture Exercises: This necessity does not only apply to those who are aging, but with the advent of computers, the posture of younger people is also compromised.

  • To Pilates Benefits for Seniors

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