Pilates Bardon Over 50s

Pilates Bardon over 50s:  If you live in the Bardon area, our Pilates classes are perfect for you.  They are designed specially for people over the age of 50.  And there is a very good reason for this. 

I'm in the age group myself, and I don't want to work out with the youngies in their 30's!  That's one reason, but the real reason is that we face very different issues.  Our needs are different. Some people simply want to tone and stretch, others have serious issues like lower back pain, osteoporosis or issue with posture. 

 By the way, the picture I've popped in here is our hero, Joseph Pilates, conducting a class in his studio in New York.  You might like to read a little about the man, Joseph Pilates, on the respective page on this website.   He was a remarkably man and continued his exercises well into his 80's.  Because he was a German in Britain at the time of WW2,  he was interned  and worked in a hospital there. Being the inventive person he was, he re-constructed the hospital furniture (eg a bed) so he could create his equipment to do his exercises.  

Outlined below are the specific issues that we face, as we age, as I see it... 

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Specific Issues 
Pilates Bardon Over 50s

These are:

In my way of seeing our fitness, there are 7 major issues we need to address. These are: 
Lack of Core Strength
Inflexibility and Stiffness
Lower Back Problems
Deteriorating Posture
Problems with Balance
Pelvic Floor issues (men have one too!)
If you can think of another major problem, I would love to hear from you. Please email me.

 * While you are here at my website visiting Pilates Bardon, you may wish to view our full EXERCISE or STRETCHES menus, please click on these links.  We have many many examples - with short 2-minute videos, that will help improve fitness and flexibility.

So, if you live in these suburbs and have any of these issues, you know what to do - we will to rectify your problem.  Hey fellas, this is not just for the ladies, you're welcome too.

If you are interested to find more information about our pilates classes, please email with the link on top right. 

You would be very welcome to join our class. Click CONTACT here.

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