Pilates Kenmore Over 50s

Pilates Kenmore Over 50s:

Pilates has become over the last 50 years, a tried and true method for people over the age of 50 to maintain strength, fitness and general well-being.

And of course, both the scientific and medical fraternity agree that it is necessary component toward general mental good health. A healthy body helps promote a healthy mindset and vice versa of course.

It is well-known that exercise produces a biochemical change in the brain. We just “feel” better.  You are never too old to start classes.  My oldest student so far, was 82.  I would say the average age is mid 50s- 65 ish.

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Why choose Pilates Kenmore
over 50s classes?

• Pilates exercises use, not weigts but resistance for strength training. We have our beautiful equipment in our studios, but the simple pieces of equipment (eg fitness ball, pilates ring and theraband) give us all an excellent workout in the mat classes.  

It's a wonderful group of people that you will enjoy getting to know

• Our program will improve balance and posture. You’ll toss off your shoes to feel all those tiny muscles in your feet working overtime to help you balance and our core exercises will give you back the posture you thought you have lost.

• Living in a fully flexible body is a joy. At least 1/3 of each class is devoted to stretching exercises. 

• Arthritis sufferers can benefit with strength training to help ease their pain. It has shown to be as potent as medication.

• Osteoporosis sufferers will increase their bone density using resistance exercises.

• Sleep will improve. 

• Our back exercises and stretches will help alleviate back pain. Stretch those tight muscles: strengthen those weak spots.

• More and more people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the numbers are constantly increasing. Diabetes presents the additional risk of heart and renal disease, it is also a leading cause of blindness. Scientific research indicates that lifestyle changes involving strength & resistance exercise has a profound positive impact on the management of diabetes.

So if you have nodded “yes” to any of these bullet points, you will certainly benefit in joining in our class at Kenmore. Contact us below and please feel free to ask any question you may wish.
This little 2-minutes video will explain why I love teaching Pilates...

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