Pilates for Seniors Brisbane

Pilates for Seniors Brisbane classes are held at Bardon, Paddington, and Kenmore & are for people over 50 who wish to enjoy themselves while keeping fit at the same time - with like minded people in the same age group. Classes are held on a weekly basis.

There is no set course format, but rather open classes, so that when you're away, you don't have further expenses.

Our classes are designed specifically for people over the age of 50. I am myself in this age group and have found over my wonderful years of teaching Pilates that people do prefer exercising with their own age group. In our classes some of the major issues we address, are as follows:

illustrated stretching exercises

Inflexibility: Tendons shrink and joints become stiff over time leading to loss of flexibility and mobility. Tight muscles are a major reason for this and that is why, at least one third of the class involves beautiful stretching exercises.

For instance women traditionally suffer tight neck and shoulder muscles and men suffer from tight hamstrings. We have beautiful stretches for every part of the body.

Poor Posture: We, as seniors spend our life, doing things “forward” of our bodies. Think about how you constantly are using your hands in front of your body, or bending forward over a book or newspaper. Being mindful of your posture, regular Pilates Exercises & stretches and using a couple of wonderful tips will improve posture significantly.

Fill out form below if you would like to contact us to know more about these classes. We would love you to join us for our Pilates  for seniors Brisbane classes......

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Lower Back Exercises

Back Pain: This is a huge problem for many as we age. We have lots of information and exercise examples together with exercise stretches on this website. Please have a look at our Pilates Exercises and Stretches menu before leaving our website.

However, be mindful to check with your health practitioner before commencing any strong exercises. When you join our class, you'll be helping support your back with exercises and stretches - much more fun getting together with other of like mind, than doing them yourself at home!

Incontinence: We do pelvic floor exercises with every class.

Balance Exercises

Balance: We hear of many people as they get older losing balance and falling, possibly sustaining injuries such as a broken hip. I'm sure you'll agree that it's not uncommon. Balance Exercises can help you avoid injuries from falls and keep you independent and mobile.

Mental & Emotional: People over 50 sleep better with a good pilates resistance exercise regime. You’ve earned it! Your self confidence will improve hugely, when all those happy hormones start to pump through your body.

Brisbane is a great place to live, and live it better with an excellent exercise regime, of which our Pilates classes can be a part. Fill out form below if you would like to contact us. We would love to have you join us......

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