How to Stretch your Back

Back Stretches

How to stretch your Back.  I would like first to suggest to you to check with your health practitioner to ascertain the problem you have. Stretches need to be done with great care. Back pain is extremely prevalent in our society and it's important that you understand the cause of your pain before doing these stretches.

The problem can be as simple as tight hamstrings or quads (which we can certainly help with) or it may be a much more complex injury involving deterioration of the spine. When your health practitioner gives the go-ahead, then these stretches will be of great benefit.

How to Stretch your Back (upper back)

Muscles in the Neck also attach to the Trapezius muscles in your shoulder girdle. These stretches are wonderful:

Gently draw your head over to each side, using opposite hand. You'll feel the stretch right down the side of your neck. Remember of breathe deeply with all these stretches.

You can use both hands behind the head. Draw down gently. You'll feel the stretch right down between your shoulder blades.

Again here, draw the neck gently down with chin sitting on the left, then right side of your chest. You'll feel this stretch too, down into the upper back.

Yup! That's a brookstick and it's a wonderful device to loosen up your shoulders and upper back. There are 3 positions here - straight out in front of you; to the left; to the right.

 How to stretch your back- 
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Back Stretching Exercise

The first stretching exercise on the floor is a favourite gentle yoga position. Flop like you are a rag doll and consciously relax all your muscles.
If you can't manage to get your backside over your feet, it's probably because your hamstrings are too tight - so again,check out our hamstring stretch. In this position, simply allow your shoulders to flop down, close your eyes, and relax and dont forget to breathe.

Stretching Exercises

The second stretch uses a stability ball, but you need to follow instructions. Again, imagine you are a rag doll. Unbuckle both knees, let your head and arms flop and close your eyes and relax.

Focus on relaxing the whole body including thighs, hips and shoulders. You'll feel a wonderful stretch in your top hip, as very deep stabilising muscles as well as quads and hamstrings are letting go of their tension.

Hopefully this "how to stretch your back" page has been helpful.

If you love using the ball as much as I do, our BALANCE BALL EXERCISES are worthwhile.

Third Stretch

The next stretch, is also on the ball. The same instructions apply. Rest your head on the ball, allow head and arms to flop back with no holding tension, then consciously relax hips, thighs and shoulder girdle. Breathe.

Pilates Back Stretches 2-Minute Back  Video

Also, it is essential to do abdominal exercises together with these. Go to our CORE STRENGTH PAGE for wonderful examples to help develop core muscle strength. Back and front. Back muscles and abdominal muscles - 2 sides of the coin - can't have one without the other,as the song goes.

When you're ready to take on exercises, following this link to LOWER BACK EXERCISES and view the video below which will show you wonderful lower back stretches.

Tension and tight muscles (or lack of strength in muscles), can cause severe postural problems. For instance, if your chest muscles are tight, you may find that they are drawing your shoulders forward, rounding out the back as a result. Our POSTURE page, will give useful information to help you understand spinal alignment and problems you may be facing.

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