Balance Exercises for Seniors

Balance Exercises for Seniors as we age are totally essential.  How often do you hear that someone you know has "had a fall"?

As we get older some of us use walking sticks and frames, which further hastens the decline because we are not exercising the part of our brain that is related to balance.  The walking stick, zimmer frames etc are doing it for you.  So, dont let this happen to you.  It's never too late to improve balance.

First up:  Brain work

Balance happens in the brain. Scientific evidence suggests that our habitual practice of wearing shoes limits the necessary sensory feedback to our brain.

When we walk or exercise bare-footed, our brain receives many different kinds of imput especially on uneven surfaces. Shoes are relatively flat which spreads the stimulus, limiting how touch guides our foot control. 

So, through away your shoes when you walk around the house or out into the garden.  Go to your lovely local park and do the same.  You'll already feel 10 years younger anyway!


Or read on... Some people look down to their feet while walking which also blocks the stimulus, because we’re not getting information from our brain to our feet and back again. We are also in this case relying on our visual stimulus.

This process is called bio feedback. We need to stop looking down and carefully practice “listening to our feet” so they can re-learn to make a new improved brain map. It’s never too late to improve.


There’s a familiar saying that not only refers to one part of your anatomy, which suggests: 


So, get cracking with some balance exercises for seniors!  At the bottom of the page, you'll see yours truly doing a balance exercise 2 minute video that will make you laugh.  All you need is a device you use every day!

These balance exercises for seniors can be as simple as standing barefooted on one foot. Taking your shoes off is important. So, when you’re cutting up the carrots for dinner, stand for a while on one foot. Then do so on the other foot. You’ll feel all those little muscles in your feet working well.

You also might enjoy working with a Balance Ball.  It's easy!! 

Visit Balance Ball Exercises here. 

Balance Exercises

Once you've perfected your carrots routine, you'll be looking for something a little more challenging, this exercise on the left is excellent - and good fun! This PIC is a progressive routine. Start with #1 and work along.

Good balance and good posture go hand in hand. Improving balance will improve core strength, especially if you also do some of our Core Strength Exercises. A strong core abdominal centre, will impact greatly on your posture. You'll stand taller, feel heaps more confident and have a beautiful posture.
Below is a 2 minute VIDEO for Balance Exercises for Seniors....

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Some people look down to their feet while walking which also blocks the stimulus, because we’re not getting information from our brain to our feet and back again.These easy Balance Exercises of chinese origins develop this grounding.

How's your posture? We make a statement about ourselves with our posture. If you stand tall, you feel and look stronger, more confident and more attractive. Our Posture Exercises page is worthwhile and you would enjoy our Posture Evaluation.

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