Pilates Exercise for Seniors

Pilates Exercise for Seniors Our Motto: "Age with Attitude and Grow Old Disgracefully"

Pilates Exercise for Seniors - VIDEO, GUIDE & PICS - We’re different, we need different Exercises & Stretches – I’ll tell you why and tell you how....Pilates Exercises for Seniors is spefically designed to suit your needs. Here you'll find full Exercise & Stretches Menus with YouTube videos to get you on the way to good health and fitness..

You'll find the LINK at the bottom of this page which links to 2 Menus - one for exercises and one for stretches.  This will guide you through a complete program of exercises & stretches for seniors, but before you begin, read on.......

I am a senior at 66 and work specifically with seniors over 50. I understand the problems we face, which is why I have produced a series of pilates exercise and stretch DVD's specifically for people in our age group - check out the column to the right...

In my way of seeing our fitness, there are 7 major issues we need to address.

These are:
Lack of Core Strength
Inflexibility and Stiffness
Lower Back Problems
Deteriorating Posture
Problems with Balance
Pelvic Floor issues (men have one too!)
If you can think of another major problem, I would love to hear from you. Please email me.

T0 begin with, we need to know that it’s never too late to begin exercise and get stronger. Top Senior, Joseph Pilates lived into his 80’s and was still doing strenuous exercise. I’m not suggesting you need to perform strenuously, but you DO have to work at it......

Click here for link to
Exercises Menu 

A Sample Video of our Exercises

Click here for link to
Stretches Menu

 A sample Video of some Stretches

A little more info..

The truth is that seniors can’t afford NOT to EXERCISE. Pilates Exercise for Seniors will ensure we stay strong, energetic, lose weight and stay healthy seniors. It can also have an impact on independence, and even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. Not only is exercise good for your body— it’s good for your mind, for mood, and for memory.

Pilates Exercise for Seniors will also enjoy a better night’s sleep after exercise. We offer very useful information about the pelvic floor, together with our methods of doing pelvic floor exercises (see above).

Sarcopenia is another challenge for seniors. It's the loss of muscle mass which occurs over the age of 30. It is said that we lose 1% of muscle mass every year from then on, or another way of looking at it - around 2 ½ kilos of muscle every decade after 30. Seniors need to exercise these muscles!

Spine Stretch for Seniors

Of course, stretching is one of the most important facets of your exercise regime. As we age, our tendons shrink and we become inflexible. This link will take you to our wonderful range of  Stretching Exercises Try the stretches you think you need......

Weight bearing exercises (particularly resistance exercises) are brilliant for building strength for seniors. In fact, specialists believe that resistance exercise may delay the onset of loss of strength and muscle mass for decades.

Posture Exercises  for Seniors

Pilates Exercise for Seniors for the BRAIN??

If seniors choose not to exercise for the body, then, you MUST exercise for the brain.....This ensures the continual increase of neural networks keeping the brain active, improving memory and having a positive affect on Dementia and Alzheimers

Because you have visited a pilates website, I am going to tell you about the importance of core strength exercise for seniors. All muscles that connect to the spine, together with those that form a “corset” wrapping around your abdomen are core muscles. Click HERE at this link for core strength exercises.

If Osteoporosis is a problem you face, you will find very useful information if you go to our Osteoporosis exercise for seniors page (see link above in MENU). Most Pilates Exercises for Seniors we have are okay , but it's best to check...

BELOW you have access to our online
Correct Posture Test which will help you to discover exactly what exercise stretches will be of benefit to you as a senior. This is available when you receive for our monthly magazine.

2 Minute VIDEO Seniors Exercises

If some find some of this exercise too difficult to begin with, that's okay - don't give up. Try beginning with one of the most beneficial exercise for seniors to strengthen core muscles (and which also improves sleep deficiency due to too many trips to the bathroom) - Pelvic Floor Exercises.

Please, please read our wonderful information and explanation of the pelvic floor technique in the MENU above.

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