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Fitness Exercises Seniors: Welcome to My Pilates Exercises. As seniors, you and me both, we need certain exercises that suit our age group.  Who wants to do the crunches that may you did in your 30s? You'll find the full exercises menu at the bottom of this page....

Fitness Exercises Seniors - Heaps of Exercises & Stretches + 2 minute how-to videos.....The benefits of Pilates exercises and stretches are many. Here you'll find a checklist of what you will get from your exercises.

The benefits of Pilates exercises and stretches are many. Listed below is a checklist of what you will get from your exercises.

Fitness Exercises Seniors: Core Strength: This is a central tenet of the principles of our work. The core we refer to is your torso, your spine, the centre of You. You’ll find excellent abdominal, back and neck exercises here.

Fitness Exercises Seniors: Improved Posture: Do these exercises for a couple of months and you’ll find a huge difference in your posture. You’ll hold yourself straighter and taller. People who have good postures get noticed by others. Have you noticed that?

Better Balance: Did you know that balance happens in the brain as well as your body. You’ll read extraordinary information about this wonderful mind/body connection required for good balance.

Improved strength of your Pelvic Floor: This is one muscle in our bodies that should get a lot more attention than it does. There’s a test here in our Pelvic Floor pages where you can determine just how strong your pelvic floor is. Try it...

We use the ball for lots of different exercises.  Here's yours truly doing some work in the hip area.  If you have an exercise ball, there are plenty of exercises for you in this website. 

On this website you’ll find many examples of exercises and stretches to include in your exercise regime. Pilates is a 2 sided coin. Stretching on one side and Strengthening on the other. It is essential that as your strength increases, you do relevant stretches as well.

Here's one of our students doing a Back Lift on an exercise ball.  This is easy to do and a wonderful way to strengthen your back muscles.....

You’ll also find plenty of 2 minute videos to help make it easy to learn how to do these exercises and stretches correctly. There’s also plenty of information about each and every stretch and exercise you do plus the benefits you will achieve. There is a big focus on hot topics such as posture, balance, flexibility and pelvic floor strength.

For a full Pilates Exercises Menu, go to: Exercises MENU

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