Fitness Ball Exercises

Fitness Ball Exercises work on your body in a number of ways. It fact it's the unstable nature of the ball that forces the use of your deep stabilizing muscles which of course helps to strengthen. 

The loss of balance often has devastating consequences, and as time goes on, this is VERY important thing to consider.

These stability ball exercises are capable of giving you a full body workout with the added benefit of improved balance. 

Fitness Ball Exercises: Core Strength

Stability Ball Exercise

This exercise begins with hands under head and head back ON the ball. Feet wide apart for good balance. Then lift up, exhaling and curling forward if you wish, and return head back on to the stability ball as you inhale. (Breathing sound odd? Take a breath in first. It's best to lift on the exhale).

Stability Ball Hip Exercise

Two stability ball exercises in this position: 1. Lower legs to about 45 degree angle inhaling as you do, and lift back up on the exhaled breath. 2. Leg Circles...Nice big circle to the right inhaling and then to the left, exhaling.

Advanced Stability Ball Exercise

Don't hold this position too long (count to a slow 10). Start with ball under thighs, then under knees, then ankles. When you get confident with this position, how about a few push-ups?  Simply bend your elbows.  This exercise is also the starting position for the next exercise - the Lift.

Balance Ball Exercise

Our Pilates Ball Exercises champion!
I'd like to introduce you to Jenni. She's a star in our pilates classes - and an expert at balancing on the ball!!

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