About Me

Hello. Have you ever thought of changing your job and doing something entirely different?  Not easy is it....

But I did it!  First up I had to obtain some credentials.  My original degree was Psychology (Queensland University in Australia), which actually has worked for me with Pilates, mainly by encouraging the "mind/body" connection. 

I went back to university to study Anatomy and Physiology. Then came the best bit! I opened my own Pilates studio at beautiful Noosa on the Queensland coast.

 I've have had so much fun and enjoyed so many benefits since  becoming a pilates instructor a little over 19 years ago now, and I hope this website will reflect that to you.

I have learned so much about my own body, how to recognize its needs, how to use it properly and how to look after it. The site is based on the experiences I've had and what I have learned - which I would love to share with you.

I would like to tell you a little story about me - a story of my big green ball.....

A love affair with a Big Green Ball

    People you love aside, when you are asked to name something you cannot live without, what do you say? For me it’s my big green ball. It lovingly sits on the back seat of my car trying to convince me that it's my child!  Not really..
    My love affair began years ago when I started pilates. Gym memberships were wasted on me, but right from the start, pilates exercises captured my “stickability” and the pilates ball exercises were my favourite.
    The universe works in mysterious ways, when I started teaching Pilates, I found my own passion. I now teach Pilates to people only over the age of 50 and love it still.

    But, what did surprised me was an opportunity that I would never have imagined would present me with yet another “passion”. That was, my Pilates website. I never dreamed that I would become interested in technological stuff. But I am!!
    I attended an SBI seminar on building a website which was presented by a friend of mine, more to support her than any interest I had in doing such a thing. But, for a reason unknown to me, I wanted to do it.

    SBI is an interactive platform to help build your own website.  I found that I loved writing (it’s a bit like writing a book really).
    In fact, I have written an instructional E-Book about Resistance Band Exercises. But I also realized that I am a bit of a media “tart”, because I loved producing, first of all my 2 minute videos on the website, then more recently the series of DVD’s. 

I'm a happy, very fortunate woman.
Bless you all, 

**SBI is a unique program which guided me step-by-step along the way.  It's functions go way beyond other similar programs which suited a raw beginner like me perfectly!!  

There is always someone there to answer your questions  in a totally supportive and caring manner.  I will happyily endorse their brilliance & recommend them if you ever plan a venture as I have done.

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