Pilates Benefits for Seniors

Pilates Benefits for Seniors are many and varied.  As we age, we become less flexible, less strong and many of us begin to suffer aches and pains. However, you owe it to yourself to live in the best body possible, don't you agree?

Pilates Benefits for Seniors are many and varied.  As we age, we become less flexible, less strong and many of us suffer pain. Don't you owe it to yourself to live in the best body possible?Mind Body Connection; Insufficient Core Strength; Lack of Flexibility; Lower back issues; Shallow Breathing; Poor Posture; Balance Difficulties.

There is an adage, I'm sure you're familiar with, and that is "if you don't use it, you lose it"...  This definitely applies  to more than 1 part of the anatomy!

I have isolated 7 issues relating to your health and fitness that we need to consider which you'll find below. 

Pilates Benefits for Seniors: Mind Body Connection

     "It is the mind that builds the body" was a saying of Mr. Pilates. Strength in our body equates to strength in our minds. Core strength links with this in a powerful way.   If we are in a bad headspace, it is difficult to get out to exercise.  
    Ironically, it is just what you need to do.  Exercise and deep breathing generates seratonin release in you body.  This is a happy hormone.  It is what lifts our spirits and then create a positive habit of actually enjoying exercise.

Pilates Benefits for Seniors: Core Strength

This is probably the most well-known benefit of pilates. Core strength muscles are diaphragm, transverse abdominus (flattens your tummy), multifidus (either side of lumbar spine), the oblique abdominals and the pelvic floor. You'll find exercises to develop your core strength HERE.

More recently with considerable research, we realize how important our Psoas Muscles are.  These muscles (see the picture) are the core of the core of you and need attention.  In many cases, due to any trauma in your life, these muscles are actually tight.  Read more about your Psoas HERE.  

Every pilates exercise, even if you’re working biceps, is designed to benefit core muscles. There are plenty of core strength exercises on this site.

Pilates Benefits of Seniors
Posture, Alignment & Balance

Posture, Alignment and Balance: When you have acquired powerful core strength and stronger back muscles, you will find another benefit is good posture which you have acquired through doing our balance & posture exercises.  You[ll find a Posture Test which should help to understand how your posture can be improved HERE.

Your will also find simple ways to improved you balance with these exercises HERE.

Pilates Benefits for Seniors
Deep Breathing

As we age and if we become a little too sedentary, what happens is that we breathe very shallowly into the upper chest.  We must take BIG deep breaths, deep into the abdomen.  Visit our page on deep breathing exercises and the importance of doing them regularly, HERE


Oh to live again in a flexible body, free of muscle pain and tension!  

As we age our tendons shrink!  This then of course includes tight muscles.  Stretching work and at this website, you'll find every major muscle stretch.  To see the full menu of contents, please visit our special page of Stretches for Seniors HERE.

Lower Back Exercises

Last but not least is back pain.  I should say first up, that it is important to have your back problem seen to by your health practitioner.  If there is no serious issue, you will benefit from doing these exercises and stretches.

So many of my student have arrived at my classes over the past 18 years with big back problems and in every single situation, there problem has improved, with both strengthening the back and doing stretches at the same time. 

You can visit our page with back strengthening exercises HERE and the one to stretch strained back muscles HERE

My Pilates Exercises Home Page 

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