Abdominal Exercise Tips

Abdominal exercise tips:  Your abdominal muscles are the ones that help develop core strength. You can do sit-ups till the cows come home, but the only muscle you’re working on is the rectus (the six-pack). In fact, if you go too hard, you may damage some core muscles.

The core muscles that Pilates advocates most encourage, are those that wrap around your torso like an old fashioned corset.  There are 3 layers of muscles (the abdominal obliques, and transverse abdominus).

Another very important core muscle that has only recently become to be acknowledge, is your psoas muscles.  I strongly suggest that you read the page on these extraordinary muscles. Click here..

Its very important to strengthen all of your core muscles. Why? Here are some  very good reasons: 

  • You'll look your very best
  • They help hold you upright
  • They help with balance, good posture and alignment
  • They work with back muscles to stabilise and support the spine
  • You'll improved control over bladder & bowel function


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