Benefits of Lower Back Exercises

Benefits of Lower Back Exercises: 

Lower back problems seem sometimes to be the bane of many people's existence.  I believe after 18 years of teaching Pilates to people over 50, that having strong back in most cases is a wonderful release. 

You can enjoy a stronger lower back with them exercises. These exercises can be as gentle or as strong as you want it to be. Back pain is frequently caused by weakness in muscles where we can help.

However, it would be wise, before you begin these exercises, to check with your health practitioner to make sure that, if you are feeling any pain, there is not an underlying problem that needs to be sorted out first. If you haven't done these movements before, it’s important to begin carefully and slowly.

Pilates Lower Back Exercise 1: See video below for all 3 exercises....

On the floor on all fours, make sure your hands are directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. (This applies to all 3 exercises).

Keeping your leg bent, inhale as you bring your foot over towards your backside. Exhale back to original position. Repeat 10 times.

Pilates Lower Back Exercise 2:
This time, keep the knee bent again, inhale out to the side and exhale as you return. (We call this one "Dog in the Park" exercise! Repeat 10 times.

Pilates Lower Back Exercise 3:
With this exercise, your leg needs to be straight. Inhale as you lift and exhale as you lower. Repeat 10 times.  TIP!!  Watch the video below to see these exercises and the benefits of lower back exercises...

With a abdominal, core and back strength, you'll look and feel so much more confident in your new body and fully acknowledge the benefits of lower back exercises.

Stability Ball Exercises
Pilates Ball Exercises

Exercise 4:
Another method for a gentle lower back exercises is the pilates ball. Again, take small steps. Start with just a small lift and as you strengthen, you can, for instance, hold weights.

Start with your hands behind your head and nose on the ball, then lift up on the inhale and lower down on the exhaled breath. Perform the exercise to the rhythm of your breath, NOT fast. Squeeze your glutes (backsides) together as you lift, it will add to the benefit of lower back muscles.

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Speaking of backsides, this link is an interesting pilates website to visit for excellent butt exercises and a nice shapely derriere:  Click HERE

In the right hand column, you have access to our online Correct Posture Test which is an assessment that will help you to discover exactly what stretches will be of most benefit. 

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