Back Stretches for Lower Back

Pilates Back Stretches for Lower Back: This is, I have to tell you is an extremely complex part of your anatomy. It’s complex because there are so many tendons, ligaments and muscles attached – any of which could be causing inflexibility and pain. The other major complexity is that it is not only spinal muscles involved, but also those in the neck, shoulders, hips and upper thigh. All of these muscles can influence the flexibility and health of your spine.

Stretches for Back

It’s important, before you begin a back stretching regime involving the spine, to check with your health practitioner to determine that it is in fact tight muscles causing any pain you may have. That out of the way, you can then address the problem here with these stretches for your back.

In my experience, one of the best ways to stretch the spine is using a stability ball. There are also excellent stretches where nothing is required, just you and the floor! Below are some examples.

Back Stretches for Lower Back #1

Stretches for Back

Here is one of my favourite stretches. Simply relax in this position. The leg on the ball is the one you place out in front, the top leg, is behind. See if you are able to get your elbow down on the floor - it is much more effective if you can. This is the BEST stretch for your psoas muscles which are the core of the core of you.

Back Stretches for Lower Back #2

Back Stretch

This stretch is also very effective. The big thing to remember with this one is to relax. Let you head flop and shoulders drop down. If you cannot get your butt down onto your feet, it's probably because your hamstrings are too tight. Solution below...

#3:  There is a few more in the video below (3minutes)

TIP!! Check your shoulders as well..

However, as I’ve said above, the neck, shoulders , hips and upper thighs also connect with muscles and tendons to your spine. For example, you may well have lower back problems because your hamstrings or quads are tight and upper back problems because your neck and shoulder muscles are tight. Check the links below for more information....

For your upper back pain – go to Neck Stretches and Shoulder Stretches 

For lower back – Go to Hamstring Stretches and Quad Stretch. 

This VIDEO shows you another couple of wonderful back stretches. Click on the arrow..... 

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