Pelvic Floor Technique 

The Pelvic Floor Technique  requires some effort to perfect, but its very worthwhile -you certainly won't regret your patience. Pelvic Floor Exercises are grossly under-estimated in their relevance and importance. 

***Follow these links for more important information:- For Women and For Men. 

Before we begin the actual pelvic floor technique, we must find the correct muscles to use. These are the muscles you use to try to stop the flow of urine.

To get the maximum benefit of you pelvic floor exercises for seniors, focus on contracting only your pelvic floor muscles, not to the muscles in your abdomen, thighs or buttocks. It is also important that you consult your doctor or other health care provider if you are unable to manage.

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Technique Cues for Women: Tighten & “draw in and up” muscles in vagina. A useful cue is to imagine a pencil is there, and then squeeze it. Continue with instructions below.

Technique Cues for Men: Tighten and “draw up” muscles around testicles, lifting muscles up “inside”, the continue with instructions below.

Pelvic Floor Muscle

1st Pelvic Floor Technique

  • Take a deep breath in
  • Contract your pelvic floor muscles as above as you EXHALE.
  • Hold the contraction for 3 seconds then relax for 3 seconds.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • Once you've perfected the technique of 3-second muscle contractions, try it for 4 seconds, alternating muscle contractions with a 4 second rest period. Work up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions.

2nd Pelvic Floor Technique

This technique will take a little time to master this method but, believe me, its worth it. This is my favourite.

  • Sit up or lie down if its easier – you can do it standing up when you get to master the technique.
  • Place one hand on your pubis bone (see diagram) and the other on your coccyx
  • Inhale expanding ribs
  • Exhale and gently draw the pubis bone down toward your coccyx.

  • If you have trouble, it is suggested you imagine a sharp needle moving towards your pubis bone – Ouch! that will certainly help you learn – and quickly!!!

  • Inhale again and repeat .

3rd Pelvic Floor Technique

This technique is a traditional way of doing Pelvic Floor - particularly if you suffer from Hemorrhoids:

1. Inhale (take a deep breath)

2. As you exhale, gently contract muscles around the anus and hold for the count of 3 – you can hold longer and stronger when the problem diminishes. N.B It is vital this contraction is performed on the EXHALED breath.

3. Start with 3 deep breaths and work up over a few days. Do the exercises 3 times a day. Once you've developed strength and have healed, don't stop. Keep doing these exercises as they have many more benefits.

My suggestion: These techniques will get easier the more often you do them. I do it at red traffic lights (forget the mobile) and roundabouts. Its become a habit.

TIP: Another really important point to remember is posture. If we sit in a slumped position, there is downward pressure on the pelvic floor.

Sitting upright on our sit bones, and with our tummy muscles relaxed (forget about pulling it in), our pelvic floor muscles and other core muscles, remain activated and working nicely for you constantly.

You'll benefit further if you also include Core Strength Exercises in your exercise regime. If you can do this regularly, you notice the difference in no time. Happy days!!

For further excellent information about the Pelvic Floor and Kegel exercise, visit this link Chiropractic Self-Help .

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