Stretches for Seniors - Enjoy Being Flexible

Stretches for Seniors are performed with patience and time. These should become such an important part of your fitness regime, equal to strength training, and thoroughly enjoyable. 

To give yourself optimal results with your regime, before you begin with the illustrated stretching exercises links below, it would be a good idea to check out the link you will need, giving you a fuller picture with general information about stretching.

What are the benefits of stretches for seniors? Click here to find out:

Benefits of Stretching. and also, How to Stretch for general instructions on just what exactly you need to be mindful of (eg breathing) when you're stretching. 

Find your Stretch - MENU

Stretches for Seniors #1.Neck, Arms and Shoulders:

Stretches for Seniors #2 For the Torso

Streches for Seniors: For Legs

This Deep breathing Technique will help you get optimum results from stretches - it also will help release happy hormones (seratonin) to reduce stress levels.  Click HERE.

Perhaps you would benefit from following a set routine with one of our Pilates Exercises DVDs. We're 4 to choose from, including a special stretching exercises - "Stretch with our Aussie Animals" It's functional and fun, with 25 great stretches. To watch a short preview, clickPilates DVD's or Download Video. 

It is important to RELAX when doing your stretching exercises. Not just the muscle you are working on, but the whole body needs to be free of tension, so consciously release tension before you start.

Remember, all muscles are linked throughout the body and it takes a while to be able to dissociate (that is to "switch off") other muscles at the same time and focusing on the muscle you're working on.

Also, if you can focus and put your "mind" in the muscle you're working on, it's a great advantage. Again, its the mind/body connection at work and total focus with your stretching exercises.

  1. BREATHE deeply into the lower abdomen. This is called diaphragmatic breathing. Give your whole body a good hit of oxygen.
  2. HOLD an exercise stretch for at least 30 SECONDS.

We hope you have enjoyed this extract on illustrated stretching exercises. Good luck!!

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