Glute Stretches

Glute Stretches: This is literally a pain in the butt!  The extensive gluteal group of muscles (3 in all)extend over your backside. Some extend at the hip (that is allow you to move the leg back) and also abduct (ie allow you to lift your leg sideways).

Tight muscles will not strengthen. So, if you prefer to have a nice little backside, doing a regular regime to stretching with exercising is a must. Do these exercises and you'll be walking better up hills and stairs in no time....

These muscles can also be a problem with spinal alignment so check our page on POSTURE EXERCISES as well. If these muscles are excessively tight, it can cause back pain.

However, this stretch is not all about tight little derriere's, it also about a healthy lower back.  If these muscles deteriorate you lower back with squeal, but if they are healthy it will smile!  

Often too, if hamstrings are too tight, the gluteal muscles will not be happy.  So, do both , strengthen your glutes, and stretch your hamstrings.

Glute Stretches: Exercise 1:

Glutes Stretch

1. Sit with ankle on opposite knee.
2. Bend forward drawing head down towards the ankle.
3. Repeat the process with the other leg.

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Glute Stretches: Exercise 2

Glutes Stretch

This is a more gentle stretch
1. Put the left foot up on the right leg.
2. Pick up the right leg with both hands behind the thigh and draw down towards your chest.
3. Repeat with other leg. Hold for a good 20 seconds, not forgetting to breathe.

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