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Fit at 50 Pilates!!! Life is a journey most certainly. And one that can take a toll on our bodies if we don’t care for them well enough. Many people over 50, lacking motivation, tend to give up when it comes to getting fit. I was one of these people.

I felt exercise (apart from walking which I love) was very boring (like gym memberships). I then discovered Yoga and Pilates, both of which I love. But when it came down to the wire and had to choose, I choose Pilates.

Fit at 50 Pilates - Live in a pain-free body.  These Pilates exercises will improve strength, flexibility, posture, balance and pelvic floor strength.......Fit at 50 Pilates - Live in a pain-free body. These Pilates exercises will improve strength, flexibility, posture, balance and pelvic floor strength.......

I am now a fit Pilates Instructor and at 66 (well past 50!) have a pretty good idea of the sort of health issues people in my age group have to deal with. So, I work only with people who would like to be fit at 50. Our motto? Grow Old Disgracefully.....

There are 7 major issues that face us in this age group.  The seven links below give you information about each of the 7 - choose one, choose them all!.

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Click: Pelvic Floor Exercises

Click: Balance Exercises

Click: Lower Back Exercises

Click: Posture Exercises

Click: Lower Back Stretches

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Fit at 50 Pilates: Inflexibility

Stretching Exercises

Many of the problems we face are linked to inflexibility. It’s vitally important to stretch because not only are muscles tight, but their tendons are shrinking as we age!! A good stretching routine is essential to keep muscles as flexible as possible and to help you achieve a pain-free body.

Tight muscles are often the cause of incorrect posture. For instance, if your hamstrings are chronically too tight, your hips will tip backwards, causing you pain, not only in your hamstrings but also your lower back and your spine will misalign. Click here and you'll find a full menu of Illustrated Stretching Exercises .

Fit at 50 Pilates: Balance

Balance Exercise

Another problem is Balance. Did you know that balance begins in the brain? It is so! On the soles of our feet there are sense receptors that relay information about the need for balance directly to our brain.

The problem is that we all like to wear “support shoes” which actually inhibits this process. When an older person becomes very unstable, we give them a walking cane or walking frame – and both these devices removes any need for natural balance.

So, let’s not get to that stage. To be fit at 50, we need to take off our shoes, do some balance exercises in bare feet and those sense receptors in your feet will work overtime! Try it!

Balance Exercises can be as simple as standing on one foot for a while, or more complex involving challenging positions and movement. You’ll find further info about here at this link:  Balance & Balance Exercise.

2 Minute VIDEO - 50's Exercises

Fit at 50 Pilates: Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Another big issue we face, is a weak Pelvic Floor. This is a muscle, just like any other muscle in your body, but it’s shaped like a sling. It’s our foundation trunk muscle and does so much more than just help incontinence.

When we contract our pelvic floor muscle, we also contract a number of essential “core muscles”. At this link, you’ll find details info about the Pelvic Floor & TechniqueWe all need to strengthen this vital part of your body. Happy days in your Fit At 50 new body!!!!

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