Stretches Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Stretches

Stretches Lower Back Pain: Back pain problem? There are many causes of lower back pain, so before you launch into your stretches. 

It is wise to check with your health practitioner to determine whether the cause is tight muscles or something more serious that will need attention with a specialist.

Injuries in this area usually are a result of muscular imbalance, weak or inflexible muscles, or poor posture.

Thus, it makes sense to do some strengthening exercises to develop the right level of conditioning to avoid further injury and pain.

Check out our Lower Back Exercises and begin to strengthen these muscles slowly.

Stretches Lower Back Pain #1

Back Stretch

1. The first stretch will help stretch these muscles. Make sure you relax fully as if you're a rag doll and remember to breathe!

Stretches Lower Back Pain #2

Hamstrings Stretch

2. The second lower back stretch is a hamstrings stretch. If your hamstrings are tight, they will pull your hips down and possibly out of alignment and thus cause pain.

Muscles in the thigh that need attention with specific stretches, include hamstrings, glutes, quads and the iliotibial band or ITB which runs down the outside of your thigh.

Seniors Lower Back Stretches #3

Psoas Stretch
    3.The third is a FANTASTIC stretch for your lower back which will stretch most of the muscles just mentioned. It goes a little further compared to the previous #2.

  • Lie sideways on the ball with your leg which is on the ball in front of the other one.
  • Now, carefully roll over until you get your elbow on the floor.
  • Make sure you do both sides.

Seniors Lower Back Stretches #4

Glutes Stretch

Sciatica is a frequent problem. This stretch (left) will help. The sciatic nerve originates in the lower spine and travels right down the leg in 2 different directions, first the back of the leg, and second around in front under the knee. Pain can be felt anywhere along this nerve.

The nerve passes right through (or under) the piriformis muscle, and if it's tight, it will press on the nerve causing pain - the condition is known as Piriformis Syndrome. When acute, the pain will shoot down the leg.

If the pain you are suffering is felt more in the buttocks than the lower back region, you could assume that it is this muscle causing the problem.

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