Best Hamstring Stretch

Hamstrings stretches

Best Hamstring Stretches: These are massive muscles, at the back of your thighs, that work over 2 joints - that is the hip (where they extend to allow the leg to move back) and the knee (where they flex to allow the leg to bend). They're in constant use one way or another, so when they are tight, you're apt to feel it in the hip, thigh, at the back of the leg or in the lower back.

Check our a page on the Benefits of Stretching by clicking on the navigation menu on the left. Tightness in hamstrings is so very common, both with people who exercise & stretch diligently and those who do not, such as sedentary older people and computer operators who are compelled to sit too long at the desk and need this best hamstring stretch.

A significant symptom of tight hamstrings is lower back pain. This is because the tight hamstrings will draw down the posterior pelvis pulling it out of alignment, and then causing problems with the sacro-iliac joint at the base of the spine, which will also reek havoc with your posture.

Our Posture page is well worth investigating - check the menu. It's so important to take care of your spine.

Make a stretching regime a regular part of your day and in no time at all you'll be walking freely, running faster and be pain free with a big grin on your face.

Remember to RELAX and BREATHE when you do these best hamstring stretch exercises.

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Hamstring Stretch

Best Hamstring Stretch #1: Make sure legs are straight and locked at the knee. Allow the upper body to resemble a rag doll, flopping forward and totally relaxed.

Take a moment, when you have finished with this page, to check out the full list of illustrated stretching exercises - see table above.

Hamstring Stretch

Best Hamstring Stretch #2: Again, keep legs straight and draw the head down towards the knees. If you can't manage this with hands on the feet, shins will be fine, and then as you loosen up and relax more, you'll get to the feet.

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