Pain in Shoulder Blade area
- fix it fast...

Pain in shoulder blade area can be caused by a number of factors, so it's best to check with you health practitioner first.  These problems can be caused by tight muscles (rhomboids or lats), arthritis,  osteoporosis, nerve impeachment, bulging discs, trauma (such as rotator cuff issue), and even heart issues.

Usually though, the problem is caused by poor posture, tight muscles across the chest and also weak back muscles. So we here address all of these issues, beginning with a little video you can do at home, as often as possible.

It's a good idea to begin with checking your posture.  Here in the right hand column, please click on "How's your Posture?".  You'll need another person to help, so it's a good idea to test each other.  You'll find out exactly which muscles you need to stretch and which to strengthen.  

Pain in Shoulder Blade area
- Posture

TIP Lets start these exercise, holding your best posture...

  • Feet parallel, hip width apart
  • Stand tall, elongate your spine, up up up!
  • Bend knees a little
  • Relax your shoulders and upper body, then "draw down" you shoulder blades
  • Imagine holding a peach under your chin (that places you head in the right spot.

The muscles we need to focus on are the  rhomboids and trapezius muscles. As mentioned above, these 2 muscle groups are responsible for keeping should blades in the correct place (mostly down).

Pain in Shoulder Blade area
- stretches will help

You probably also have tight across your chest, this will pull your shoulders more forward than they need to be and round out your back, weakening those muscles.  

This is a beautiful stretch for opening the chest, but also you'll feel a gorgeous crunch in the rhomboids (between your shoulder blades where it aches).  Try to lift your arms as high as you can, keeping elbows locked at the same time.

This stretch will directly stretch those back muscles.  Stand with best posture (hips in alignment, not thrust forward).

Straighten right arm across you chest (elbow locked), then place left forearm above elbow, and pull in towards yourself.  Then do it on the other side.

This of course is the same stretch as in the video above.  Simply grab a brookstick to stretch out the front, to the left and then right.  

It's important to remember to relax, let you head drop down, relax you shoulders.  Do this as often as possible and of course it feels  so very yummy...

Pain in Shoulder Blade area: Strengthening back muscles

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