Stretches after Exercise

Stretches after Exercise: The benefits of  stretches after exercise are improved flexibility, a good posture and balance and a feel-good healthy attitude - no pills needed.

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Have you ever watched a dog or cat waking up? The very first thing they do is to stretch. They know the Benefits of Stretching
It is a normal natural and instinctive part of their lives. But, we have lost the instinct. Now, we have to consciously work on it. Just a few pointers to think about........

If you stretch when a muscle is cold, you may injure yourself, so warm up a little first. Walking is fine with your arms swinging, or low impact exercise for a couple of minutes. It takes time to lengthen muscle fibres safely and it feels sooo good when you get it right. It’s all about FOCUS.

Hip Stretch

Hold Pilates exercise stretches for up to a minute not less than 20 seconds. Mentally check if you’re feeling tension else where in the body and RELAX!!

Your mind-body connection: Tune into your body and try to focus on a particular muscle. If you can imagine, in your mind's eye, that particular muscle, you’ll get much greater benefit from the stretch. As Joseph Pilates says “Put the mind in the muscle”.

Stretches after Exercise:
Good breathing is essential....

Relax and BREATHE: Be aware of your breathing and definitely DO NOT hold your breath. Breathe nice and evenly. You may try to imagine breathing in and out of the muscle that you are working on - sounds weird, but it actually works! It helps relax that part of the body.

You may feel that you are more flexible on one side than the other. Don’t worry, but simply be aware of this fact. For instance, if you’re working on your quads, and the left side is tight, it means that something else maybe going on.

Certainly do a little more quad stretch on that side, but also learn a psoas muscle stretch (a deeper hip flexor). There may be another muscle which is attached to the same joint that is causing the problem. Be mindful though, that if the problem persists, check it out with your health practitioner.

When do I do my pilates exercise stretches? There is often debate over when to stretch. In pilates, we warm up first, work the muscle, then stretch it. If the exercise is more strenuous (running, boxing etc), you'll notice the benefits of stretching before as well as after exercise.

 Stretches  after Exercise..

Hamstrings Stretch

This is a hamstrings stretch - and also lower back.  However, don't smile at the camera, drop your head down and smile at your knees..

Spine Stretch

This is a gorgeous lateral stretch.  Take a look at her right hand...  What i would like you to do is gentle slide that hand down your leg.  Yea!

Our Pilates stretches after exercise menu..

A bit more info...

Different sports and activities require different exercise stretches, but really, you will enjoy working on as many muscle groups as you have time for.

If you’re a runner, you’ll focus on QUADS, CALVES, PSOAS, ILIOTIBIAL BAND and HAMSTRINGS.  All these are active links.

If you play golf, you’ll focus on SHOULDERS and  HIPS -  all of these stretches you find in and If you slave all day over a computer, your focus will have to be your NECK and BACK. You'll find all these stretches clicking their words...

Two big NO’s - No pain; No bounce: Don’t fight through any pain barrier. Go to the point where you can feel the boundary between comfort and discomfort – a mild tension. It’s your body, only you can feel what is right.

It almost feels a natural thing to do sometimes, to bounce a knee for instance, if you stretching your adductors (inner thigh). But, don’t. It won’t do you any good.

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To stretch is to care for your body. Give it the time to heal. A flexible body will be a joy to be in!!

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