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Stretch Videos: Are you concerned about your flexibility? I wonder if you are suffering from tight sore muscles that prevent you doing the things you love to do.  Time for change!  

Ask yourself a question.  Can I easily get up after sitting on the floor?

 Do these stretches & You will be able to get up off the floor.  You will become stronger, your posture will improve, so too balance      - and the big one, you will become more flexible.  Guaranteed.  All you need to do is work out consistently.

The benefits you'll enjoy with this DVD are many.  You'll walk tall, and again, look good, and feel great in a pain-free body...

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I was born with a curvature in my back and my nursing career, followed by small children didn't help. Any strenuous activity resulted in lower back pain & restricted what I could do. 

I actually did ONLY 2 beginner Pilates mat sessions before I felt better.
Although I get discomfort - I am very capable of carrying out strenuous gardening, housework, renovation etc and know that I have the knowledge of what to do to make it feel better and what my body is capable of - listening to my body.

I can now confidently live my life as I want and not worry too much about damaging my body.  by Majella (Qld. Australia)

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Do you have a ball already?  The Exercise Ball DVD contains simple but effective exercises to do at home.  That's me balancing on one, but I have to confess that the videographer inserted the seal. 

I would recommend if you purchase a ball, that you get a 65cm size.  There are 2 other sizes, but this one is more aligned with the spine.  Babies, little kids and animals are incredibly flexible, and they stretch sub-consciously without even realizing what they are doing. We adults humans however, have lost that ability and have to re-learn what we once intuitively knew.

Added to this is the problem that as we age, our tendons shrink! It's a joy to live in a flexible, pain-free body, so let's get STRETCHING! 

The stretch videos left has a stretch for every major muscle group in your body (including neck). If you don't need it, maybe your Mum would love it!

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