Spine Stretch Exercise

Spine Stretch Exercise: Your spine is at the very centre of YOU. If your spine is strong and flexible, so will you be. The spine is made of 4 "curves", the cervical, the thoracic, the lumbar and the sacral.

It is designed something like the shock absorber in your car. It will handle the bumps in the road however, a lot better if you keep it as flexible as possible. The stretches are the best way to do this.

Spine Stretch Exercise Ball #1: are fantastic to stretch the spine. Make sure when you get into this position, to completely relax and breath. Hold the stretch for as long as you like.

Spine Stretch: Exercise Ball #2:This stretch is also brilliant. Again, relax into this position.
You'll find heaps more ball exercises at this link: Stability Ball Exercises.

Glutes:Your glutes can often be responsible for spinal problems. This one is easy. In a sitting position, place ankle on opposite knee and lean as far forward as possible. You can read more about glute stretches here at our Glute Stretch page.

Hamstrings: Hamstrings can also be a problem with spinal inflexibility. This stretch is easy. It'll put a smile on your face in no time....The main thing you need to remember is to keep your knees locked (yuk!)  and don't do what this woman is, you need to drop your head down to look at your knees. You can also get more info at the following link: Hamstring Stretches.

Spine Stretch Exercise: Lateral Stretch:This is a beautiful stretch, and fully self-explanatory.

Yoga Back Stretch:A lovely yoga pose. Again, it's self explanatory. Make sure you're fully relaxed and breathe - as you do with all our stretches.

For the full STRETCH MENU, go to this link: Stretches Menu

Neck #1:Now to the cervical spine. When you do this one make sure that the shoulder you're pulling away from, stays down in place without lifting. You're stretching the muscles at the side of the neck.

Neck #2:A slight variation. This position will stretch muscles further around towards the back of the neck.

Neck #3:The Scalenes at the front of the neck also need work.
To start this one, place your fingers below each clavical as shown, and pull the muscle down.

Then open your mouth and tilt the head back.
When in position close your eyes - and your teeth while gently pulling down the fingers on the neck.
To finish, open the mouth and upright the head.

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