Shoulder Stretches for Golf

Shoulder Stretches for Golf: When you look at your routine day, you’ll notice that everything you do is with your arms forward of our bodies. Can you think of anything you might do with arms behind? Can you fasten your underwear and clothing with a back zip?

The result of all this forward activity is that our shoulder muscles suffer and pain is the result. The muscles across your chest get tight, and the upper back muscles weaken.

Eventually, if left unchecked, this can result in a hunched back, or at the very lease, a painful neck. Doing these stretches will help to correct this problem and improve your posture.

For more information about improving your posture, visit our POSTURE EXERCISES page. You will also benefit with stretching your back and you can read more about our BACK STRETCHES at this link.

This little video you can do with your golf club.....

Do you remember that wonderful Chinese swimmer in the Para Olympics who had no arms? He used his upper body and shoulders to get through the water. This will help you.

Roll your shoulders forward, either together or alternatively one at a time, and swim freestyle and then back stroke. It feels so good! Make sure that the whole of the shoulder blade area moves in lovely big circles.

TIP!! Your Posture

One very important action you can take from this moment is to correct the position of your shoulder blades. As our back and shoulder muscles weaken, our shoulder blades “ride up” the back.

Take a moment now, sitting or standing straight, and focus on relaxing and lowering the shoulder blades. First take a deep breath in, and on the exhale, draw the shoulder blades (NOT shoulders) down.

With this action, you are engaging stabilising muscles, strengthening muscles in the area and improving posture. Repeat this a hundred times a day (well , not quite), and you’ll have a much improved posture in no time. 

Need another stretch?  You find it at the Stretches MENU.

Shoulder Stretches for Golf #1

Shoulder Stretch

This is a gentle stretch for the back of your shoulder. Extend you left arm across the body - try to keep it fairly straight; then draw the arms towards the body using your right arm, placed just above left elbow.

Shoulder Stretches for Golf #2

Shoulder Stretches
Shoulder Stretch

This one is done using a theraband. Place both feet, hip width apart on the band, holding each end. Shrug up as far as you are able, inhaling. As you exhale, leg your shoulder drop. It's very nice to just relax there, and allow the band to pull the shoulders down.

The Second stage is to then tilt the head over to each side, and then hold that position for a few seconds.

Shoulder Stretches for Golf #3

Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder Stretch 3: This to is valuable. You'll find it will stretch the front of shoulders (and also biceps). Hold hands behind, and draw arms upwards. Whilst I'm doing this, I love to rotate arm and shoulder blade, in both clockwise and then anticlockwise movements. Make sure to breathe and relax.

Pilates Shoulder Stretches #4

Shoulder Stretch

 This has to be one of the best shoulder stretches of all time, and all you need is a broomstick! First of all place the broomstick on the floor, forming a nice triangle with your feet.

Place both hands at chest level, and simply drop forward, with head between your shoulders.
Then, place the broomstick over to the left, and then right, and repeat the process. Yummeeeee.

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