Pilates Triceps Stretch

Triceps Stretch

Pilates Triceps Stretch together with biceps will allow for full flexibility in the upper arm area. These muscles have a massive tendon attached, so when they get tight, it can be painful. However, if these muscles are toned and flexible, you'll acquire nicely shaped upper arm.

We use our biceps muscles all day long really, so I believe there is a muscular imbalance in the upper arm area of many seniors.  Any imbalance may lead to tension in a joint, so it's very important to work your triceps as well.  Here you go...

  • Stand comfortably, with your knees slightly bent.

  • Put the left hand as close as possible between the shoulder blades, hold the left elbow in your right hand, and gently pull it over towards the middle on the back of the head.

  • Hold for about 20 secs.

  • Don't forget to breathe easily into your ribcage, and relax not only your shoulder, but the complete body. It's important to remember, that if you are fully relaxed, you'll achieve much better results and sooner as well.

  • Then repeat likewise with other arm.


    At this point, it would also be worthwhile for your to take a look at our SHOULDER STRETCHES for information that may be of further assistance to you. 
    Your triceps and biceps muscles naturally attach to your shoulder girdle.  Strong and flexible muscles equal happy body!

Strengthening your Triceps..

Triceps Stretch

Strengthening: Once you're a little more flexible, the other side of the coin is of course, strengthening. If you don't work these muscles, you run the risk of acquiring what is commonly referred to as tuckshop arms, bingo arms or ta-ta-as-you-wave-goodbye arms! Not good.

However, all is not lost. These muscles are worked beautifully using resistance with a theraband - use it also for biceps and of course many more exercises as well. Follow the pics below for a nicely shaped and toned upper arm:

Triceps Stretch

  • 1. Hold arms in the first position;

  • 2. hold the left hand firmly in place;

  • 3. stretch up as high as you can with the right arm;

  • 4. now, bend the arm just a little bit, hold for 10 secs.

  • Do a number of repetitions (10 is great) and then the same with the other arm.

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