Pilates Sample Exercises

Pilates Sample Exercises: I have been doing Pilates now for 18 years and have learned so much.  I hope you enjoy what you find here and is of some help to you with your fitness.

On this website there are a very large number of excellent examples for you. A smorgasbord in fact! You may have a particular exercise or stretch you are looking for and you will find it here.

The benefits of pilates (pronounced pil-ah-tes), for both our body and our mind are many. Our body benefits with both strengthening and stretching. Our mind benefits with clarity and mental strength.

If your mind is on the job, your performance is greatly enhanced, so therefore the mind body connection to my mind is crucial. Put your "mind in your muscle" and both your physical and mental wellbeing will be enhanced together with a greater awareness of your body.

As Joseph Pilates said "It is the mind that builds the body".
These exercises will lengthen muscle rather than bulk it up as it happens with other forms of exercise. You'll be toned, strong, flexible and curvy rather than bulky.

Pilates Exercises


There are dozens of exercises and stretches for you on this website, so please check the menu above for a full list of further Exercises.

Posture Exercise

Whether you do pilates with a home gym kit, use a Stability BALL or exercise DVDs, attend a studio or mat classes, it's all so very good for you.  We have an excellent set of DVD's if you cannot attend a class near you - you'll find your way to them in the right-hand column.  Only $20!!

Oblique Abdominal Exercise

You'll discover the best BEST AB EXERCISES exercise for you
and the best stretches.

Stretching Exercises

Whether you're looking as a raw beginner, as an advanced student, if you are over the age of 50, or if you have OSTEOPOROSIS,  find appropriate exercises at this link. You'll also find a list of osteoporosis risk factors here.

So, check out our samples on our numerous free pages using the links on this page.

How about Yoga Postures? - Even individuals who have just started practicing the various yoga poses can reap the benefits of yoga as the various yoga asanas or postures depending on their intensity levels.

To  Pilates Exercises 

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