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Pilates DVD Workout: These videos have been filmed at the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. It is an area of great beauty and beautiful people.

It is here where I have the good fortune to live and enjoy. It is also here where I teach my pilates mat classes for people over the age of 50.

***(Please consider working out at home, & know that we have a wonderful range of Pilates  DVD's which we can post to you,  for only $20 guaranteed delivery.

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  • How to be more flexible..
  • How to strengthen your muscles..
  • How to improve Balance & Posture..
  • How to fix your back problems..
  • How to strengthen your Pelvic Floor..
  • How to breathe..

Pilates DVD Workout: Core Strength

Core Strength Exercises DVD

The benefits that you will enjoy include increased flexibility, a strong core, better balance and posture, stronger back muscles and a generally well-toned body.  The DVD will give you a good overall workout.  Generally speaking, you'll feel a whole lot better in your level of fitness and confidence.

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“The Pilates classes really surprised me. We started with some limbering up, followed by a number of floor exercises... it made me think of the calisthenics I did as a kid.

  • Within a few months  my body was changing. My chiropractor assured me that my lower back was more stable.
  • I could turn my neck more easily when driving. Another benefit - safer driving..

I've do pilates exercise class once a week & I'm also doing pilates DVD's at home.  I can feel these great benefits. I'm definitely a pilates convert... it feels great to get fitter as I get older!” Cathy C. (Mooloolaba)

Pilates DVD Workout:
Stretching Exercises

Can you touch your toes? Can you get up from sitting on the floor?  The benefits of this DVD is focused on your flexibility. Your pain, which of course is often caused by tight muscles, will be diminished.

 We stretch all major muscles groups.  You'll feel the difference almost immediately. You'll will again walk tall in a pain-free body.  Yea!

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Pilates DVD Workout: Theraband Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises DVD

The benefits here of using a theraband focuses on strengthening and stretching your upper body, back and core muscles. If you are concerned about your posture, (which starts to suffer when we're over 50!),it will certainly help improve it. 

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Pilates DVD Workout: Ball Exercises

Pilates Ball Exercises DVD

This DVD will tone and stretch as you re-shape your body.

As we age, strength in our muscles diminishes and become tight and sore.  The benefits of using a stability ball is its "instability". For example, in the pic above I'm balancing on a wobbly ball (forget the seal - he just looks good!) 

It's easy to kneel on the stable floor, but when you do it on the ball, you're using dozens of muscles, you never knew about!  

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More Testimonials

“In the beginning,...... there were sagging breasts, flabby tummy, loose? pelvic floor (lots of trips to the loo); no strength. 

Three years later..pert breasts; washboard tummy; tight pelvic floor; STRONG CORE! Lyn G. (Nambour)

“From my childhood to 30's, I played a lot of sport. Rugby League football for 25 years, cricket for 10, basketball for 5 & boxing for 5. My point being that I knocked myself around and probably did suffer long lasting injuries.

Then, I suffered a ruptured disc at the base of my spine. I was in constant pain, whether I was sitting, standing, walking or sleeping.

My orthopaedic specialist recommended Pilates with a programme that dealt with core strength & stretching.  Then I found Pamela.  

I started Pilates, one day a week. After 3 months, I realised that it was doing me a lot of good, and therefore started a second session each week. I now do two one hour sessions each week. I have recommended pilates to all my friends and have told them about her  pilates exercise videos.

I cannot speak too highly of the benefits of a well planned pilates exercise programme, and Pilates gives me that. I do recommend that you work hard each session, as you will only get out of it what you put in.  David F.(Minyama)

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Core Strength DVD

Check out our collection of DVDs or Download for phone or computer - you're sure to find one that is just right for you. There are 4: Core Strength Exercises, Stability Ball Exercises, Resistance Band Exercises & Stretching Exercises.

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