Pilates DVD Workout

Pilates DVD Workout: These videos have been filmed at the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. It is an area of great beauty and beautiful people. It is here where I have the good fortune to live and enjoy. It is also here where I teach my pilates mat classes for people over the age of 50.

Although, I have to tell you that a few people have snuck in “under the radar”. They are not yet 50!! I didn’t have the heart to tell them they had to come back when they were old enough. So they stay.

Pilates DVD Workout: Core Strength

Core Strength Exercises DVD

This DVD will give you a good overall workout.  Specifically to develop you core strength, lower back issues and general toning of most muscles that matter..

Pilates DVD Workout: Thereband Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises DVD

This DVD is all about a resistance band or theraband.  If you never used this little bit of rubber, you'll be amazed how it can challenge you...

Pilates DVD Workout: Ball Exercises

Pilates Ball Exercises DVD

Trick you?  That's me balancing on my ball, but sadly, not on the seal...   Be fun though..   Exercise ball are a wonderful way to exercise and stretch...

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Pilates DVD Workout: As a group, we have put together these 4  DVD's , so you too can enjoy the great benefits of Pilates.

Below, you can read some of the problems my students have faced, and how we have dealt with it.

“The Pilates classes really surprised me. We started with some limbering up, followed by a number of floor exercises... it made me think of the calisthenics I did as a kid.

As classes continued, I was gradually introduced to a big blue ball, a resistance band, some weights, and finally a wooden stick. Stretches were interspersed throughout every session.

During class I knew I was working because it was difficult, sometime impossible, to complete all the repetitions Pamela was guiding us through. And the next day I had even more reminders that my fitness was being built because my muscles were sore!

Within a few months I began to get further feedback that my body was indeed becoming fitter and more capable of taking care of me. My chiropractor assured me that my lower back was more stable.

And I noticed a simple but wonderful side affect that I wasn't expecting... turning my neck to check for traffic while I was driving was becoming easier again!

I've only been doing pilates exercises 1 hour a week and I can feel these great benefits. I'm looking forward to when Pamela has her pilates videos available, as that will make it easy for me to do another hour a week on my own at home.

I'm definitely a pilates convert... it feels great to get fitter as I get older!”

Cathy C. (Mooloolaba)

“In the beginning,...... there were sagging breasts, flabby tummy, loose? pelvic floor (lots of trips to the loo); no strength.
I was thinking of purchasing a pilates exercise video, THEN....along came a flyer from Pamela's sister in law, Jill, about a Pilates class for over 50's

. THREE YEARS LATER.....pert breasts; washboard tummy; tight pelvic floor; STRONG CORE!
Now are you convinced? If you email Pamela she will show you how you too can have a body like mine!!
P.S. Why is this Laughing Pilates?? Because we have so much fun and good coffee.”

Lyn G. (Nambour)

“From my childhood to 30's, I played a lot of sport. Rugby League footbal for 25 years, cricket for 10, basketball for 5 & boxing for 5. My point being that I knocked myself around and probably did suffer long lasting injuries.

In November 2008, I suffered a ruptured disc at the base of my spine. I was in constant pain, whether I was sitting, standing, walking or sleeping.

After a series of X-rays and scans, laser guided injections, my orthopaedic specialist said there was nothing he could do surgically to help me, but that if stem cell research was to progress in the future, that might change. He also recommended that I should look for an exercise programme that dealt with the core strength & stretching.

In July 2009 I started Pilates, one day a week. After 3 months, I realised that it was doing me a lot of good, and therefore started a second session each week. I now do two x one hour sessions each week. I have recommended pilates to all my friends and will tell them about her new pilates exercise videos.

My level of pain now is approximately 5% of what it was previously, and that is usually if I have overdone it working around the yard. I cannot speak too highly of the benefits of a well planned pilates exercise programme, and Pilates gives me that. I do recommend that you work hard each session, as you will only get out of it what you put in. “

David F.(Minyama)

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Core Strength DVD

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