Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Exercise for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Risk Factors:
Are you running the risk of fracture? The answer is YES if you have osteoporosis, osteopoenia, or low bone density. Give yourself a check-up and investigate and understand fully how you need to change your many of the action you do.

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Ask yourself these Questions...

• Do you bend over to sweep the floor or vacuum?

• Do you walk with your toes pointing out to the side?

• Do you lean over your computer?

• Do you bend over to pick things up off the floor or even bend forways to pull your socks up?

• Do you sit or stand with poor posture?

• Do you do sit-ups or crunches?

• Do you do step aerobics?

• Do you kick-box?

• Do you door floor exercises, moving legs sideways and twisting around?

• Do you bike-ride, bending forward towards the handlebars?

• Do you slouch on the couch?

• Do you play golf?

• Do you play tennis without moving the whole body for a backhand stroke?

• Do you lie in bed or on the couch for more than 9 hours a day?

• Do you lift objects weighing more than 4 kilos?

• Do you lean forward when you are getting up from a chair?

All of these situations are potentially dangerous for someone with low bone density. You will be able to rectify some of these situations, but not all. So, sadly, some must be eliminated while you adopt good habits such as Pilates Exercises.

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