Neck Rotation Stretch

 Neck Rotation Stretch: A sore tight neck is often the bane of, usually, women’s lives – I think it’s because we carry too much responsibility!

But, it’s a very serious matter because tight muscles can cause terrible headaches and also a general feeling of un-wellness. This problem can also spread to upper back and cause more trouble. So, what can we do about it?

A great comfort at night, before you go to sleep, are those wonderful heat wheat bags – but a hot water bottle is almost as good.

Pop it under your shoulders and lie down and RELAX. You’ll be asleep in no time. Happy dreams zzzzzzz.

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You may be deficient in magnesium phosphate. A great help is a natural product call magnesium phosphate (or Mag Phos).

I use a product from the Pharmacy - they’re very inexpensive. It is referred to as nature’s valium, but it’s a natural cell salt.

It will be worth your while to also look HERE at our SHOULDER STRETCHES for information and illustrations, which may also help your problem. But here, let's slice the problem into three:

Neck Stretches

Neck Rotation Stretch 1: There are the muscles on the side of the neck. They attach to the skull and shoulder girdle, and this simple stretch is the best around. Especially if you can do it under a warm shower.

Neck Stretches

Neck Rotation Stretch 2: The muscles at the back of the neck, also attach to the skull and scapula. This one also feels wonderful under a warm shower.

Neck Stretches

Neck Rotation Stretch 3: Tight muscles at the front of the neck can actually pull the head forward. This is wonderful. Spread fingers out and place them under each clavicle (collar bone). Hold firmly.

Open your mouth (weird!), tip the head back slowly and then close you mouth. But remember to breathe. Hold for about 20 seconds, open your mouth and bring it back to its normal position which, hopefully eventually, won't be too far forward of the body.

Is your neck the only problem area in your body? While you're absorbing all this information, follow this link to our Illustrated Stretching Exercises where you will find many other stretches, such as hamstrings, glutes and triceps.

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