Leg Stretches for Flexibility

Leg Stretches for Flexibility: The major muscles here are the quads, hamstrings, glutes, iliotibial band, abductors (outer thigh), psoas, adductors (inner thigh) and calves.

We're all looking to be free of pain and enjoy a healthy range of movement in hips. Most upper leg muscles are attached to the hip girdle.

If any of these muscles are tight, they will pull on the hip girdle, perhaps causing poor alignment of lower spine and/or pain. T

his will diminish your ability to move well whether it be around the house or running a marathon. By doing stretches, we are taking good care of our bodies.

Check out our full STRETCHES MENU here at this link:  You'll find just what you need.

Stretching Exercises

ITB Stretch

Do you have pain down the side of your thigh?

The first leg stretches for flexibility shows an easy iliotibial band stretch. The ITB is a wide tendenous band extending down the outside thigh from you hip to attach under the knee.

This ball stretch is brilliant to help with leg stretch.  You need to completely relax, let you head drop and be sure not to lower the top leg to rest on the other.

Further leg stretches for flexibility.  Hamstrings (at the back of your thigh) can also be treacherously tight.  This is a simple and easy wasy to loosen them up.  Its important to keep this stretch up...

Your quads also need attention.  Again a simple stretch you can do in the park - or even your bed!

This is a wonderful exercise for your glute muscles.  (The gluteal muscles are your backside ((but). 

Other useful stretches include:

Glute Stretch : Check this link if you have pain in the lower back & butt.
Quad Stretch : Check this link if you have pain front thigh & hip.
Hamstring Stretches : Check this link if you have pain lower back & knee.
Calf Stretch : Check this link if you have pain in lower leg & heel.
Psoas Stretch : Check this link for pain in groin or lower back.

Proficient walking, running and general movement requires easy mobility of the legs. Doing regular stretches increases your range of movement and releases tension and pain in your legs.

If you don’t as yet know which muscle in particular is causing the problem, by doing all the stretches here your will have a good indication. As you stretch for example your QUADS muscle in the left leg and then the right, you’ll notice the difference.

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