Hip Flexor Pain

Hip Flexor Pain: Before we begin, I would like to say that it is extremely important that anything pain related to the hip join, must be first examined by your health practitioner to establish the cause of your pain. 

These muscles are a major group of the anterior, upper leg. The four muscles are hip flexors working together - their job is to flex the leg for walking, running etc to propel the body forward.   

When any of these muscles are tight and inflexible, they can cause problems in the groin area and lower back resulting in pain and sometimes, inflexibility and postural misalignment problems. 

Tight muscles have the ability to pull bones out of alignment, causing hip flexor pain and possibly leading also to hip and knee replacements due to the fact that the joint is mis-aligned. 

Many factors influence postural imbalances often due to lifestyle influences - such as slouching on the couch and too much sitting hunched over a computer.  There is also an excellent chance that it's not your hip flexors at all but you Psoas Muscles (see section below).

If you are concerned about these issues, it is worthwhile checking out our link to BALANCE and POSTURE exercises.
Here below, we have a couple of examples of exercises for you to get going to help out those tight muscles of yours! 

Hip Flexor Stretch: Step 1

Quad Stretch

The first pic is self explanatory. Lie on right side. Pick up left foot with left hand and gently pull leg back. Then pull left heel into your backside.

Hold for around 20 seconds and remember to breathe deeply while doing so. Close your eyes when you're doing this, I find it helps me focus on what I am doing and seem to get much better results. Repeat with other leg.

Hip Flexor Stretch: Step 2

Quad Stretches

The second is a little more complicated. It's basically the same as above but stronger - so go easy to begin. Put the right foot on the left knee and push gently back. Repeat with other leg.

Maybe it's your Psoas Muscles?

Your Psoas Muscles are the core of the core of you and possibly the cause of hip flexor pain.  Find and more and find also great stretches at: Psoas Muscle Pain.

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