Exercises for Balance

Exercises for Balance: Here you will find further examples to add to your repertoire. If you feel that you have extremely poor balance, begin with the first two examples and perhaps you can have a table nearby to grasp if you feel too unsteady. Move on to the more challenging one as you improve.


This exercise is a good place to start. Make sure you have something suitable to grasp if needs be such as a sturdy chair. Lift one leg and hold for a count of 10. Then do the same on the other foot.
Exercise for Balance

This exercise is a little more complicated. The reason we twist arms and legs like this is the crossover - left brain & right brain co-ordination which will add to the balance challenge and improve your results. Remember balance happens in the brain as well as the body!

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Exercise for Balance

Then there is a lovely yoga position which will challenge you further – although, try it first on the sand: leave balancing on the log for a little bit longer perhaps......

Balance Exercise

This balance exercise is more challenging again. Each times you practice your exercises, try doing them for a little longer.

Balance Exercise with Ball

And then of course, there is plenty of variety using the stability ball. This exercise below begins with your trunk well supported and the ball under the thighs. As your strength develops, challenge yourself with the ball under your knees, then the lower leg, and when you become very adept, under the feet. Do this progression slowly.

Core Strength Exercise

This one is an advance balance exercise. Try it only when you feel very confident. TIP: The wider your feet are on the ball, the more stability you'll have. It's a long way to fall!

2 Minute VIDEO - for Balance

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