Exercise Ball DVD

Exercise Ball DVD: Below, you'll find links to our new Pilates DVDs. Below further, you’ll find a full menu of Exercises & Stretches. These will help you to develop strength and also improve flexibility.

There is also a particular emphasis on core strength, abdominal strength, good posture, improving balance, seniors exercises and pelvic floor exercises. You’ll find detailed explanations of each process which is vitally important.

Stability Ball Exercises DVD

This Exercise Ball DVD contains simple but effective exercises to do at home.  That me balancing on one, but I have to confess that the videographer put the seal in.  Exercise Balls DVD are an excellent way to strengthen particularly core muscles, and also to stretch.  Lots of fun as well.... 

This Pilates Seniors Video offers a full range of beautiful stretches to keep you totally flexible as you age.  It was filmed in a zoo of all places because I wanted to show you how we replicate the movements of animal who stretch so well.  Lots of fun!

Core Strength DVD Exercises

This Pilates Seniors Video is all about improving core strength.  A quintessial Pilates concept.  Core muscles include abdominals, psoas, pelvic floor and of course back muscles.

Resistance Band Exercises DVD

This Pilates Seniors Video uses a theraband to strengthen muscles by using resistance.  Another central tenet of Pilates. It's simply a little bit of rubber that you can purchase at any sport's store.  You'll be amazed what you can do with it.

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Core Strength Exercises

Core strength is probably the most important general topic discussed in these page. These muscles include the diaphragm, transverse abdominus (flattens your tummy), multifidus (either side of lumbar spine),

Core Strength Exercises

the oblique abdominals (gives you a great shape) and the pelvic floor. Most exercises are designed to benefit core muscles and the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscle, although neglected, is of vital importance for core strength. There are plenty of core strength exercises on this site.

If you havn’t exercised for some time, you would be advised to visit your Health Practitioner before you embark on any new exercise program.

This MENU is expanding constantly, so be sure to make it one of your favourites so it’s there for you next time you need it.

This exercise ball dvd is lots of fun and good for you.

For Ball Exercises, go to: Pilates Ball Exercises

For Resistance Band Exercises, go to: Theraband Exercises

For improved flexibility in legs, go to: Quad & Thigh Stretches

For Kegel Exercises, go to: Pelvic Floor Technique

For stretching Back muscles, go to: Back Stretches

For Exercise for Seniors, go to: Program for Seniors

For trimming up your abdominals, go to: Best Ab Exercises

For Exercises to improve balance, go to: Balance Exercises

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Core Strength DVD

Check out our collection of DVDs or Download for phone or computer - you're sure to find one that is just right for you. There are 4: Core Strength Exercises, Stability Ball Exercises, Resistance Band Exercises & Stretching Exercises.

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