Chair Exercises for Seniors 

Chair Exercises for Seniors are designed for those who require the support of an object such as a sturdy chair for exercising or who are chair-bound.

There is no need to be excluded from exercises. In fact, it’s probably even more important to get involved on both the physical and mental level. If you are chair-bound, keeping fit is necessary and achievable.

You can enjoy strength training using light weights to begin and increasing as you feel confident to do so. What about neck, shoulders, hips – are you feeling pain which may be caused by tight inflexible muscles? If so, you also will enjoy doing some Pilates stretching exercises.

Before you go the the EXERCISES which begin at the bottom of this page, please read the following information. It's important.

Some people look down to their feet while walking which also blocks the stimulus, because we’re not getting information from our brain to our feet and back again. We are also in this case relying on our visual stimulus.

This process is called bio feedback. We need to stop looking down and carefully practice “listening to our feet” so they can re-learn to make a new improved brain map. It’s never too late to improve.


Now, there’s a familiar saying that not only refers to one part of your anatomy!  So, get cracking with some balance exercises! 

These seniors chair exercises can be as simple as standing barefooted on one foot. Taking your shoes off is important. So, when you’re cutting up the carrots for dinner, stand for a while on one foot. Then do so on the other foot. You’ll feel all those little muscles in your feet working well. 

Just a couple of Chair Exercises for Seniors TIPS:

Because you are doing pilates exercises, breathing is very important - when to breathe in and out will be indicated Pelvic floor muscles need also to be strengthen.

When you engage the pelvic floor (men also), you also engage other very important lower back core and pelvic floor muscles. If you go to the navigation menu on the left, you'll find useful information about these exercises. 

Sit or stand tall with feet parallel with each other. Make sure you have a good strong chair to use. 

So, let's proceed with exercises with the help of Gwen who at age 80 is one of my very best Pilates students.

Chair Exercises
Chair Exercises

Chair Exercises for Seniors :  #1 Biceps Curl: You can do this with or without light weights. The first pic is the start position, the second follows. Sit up straight (I hope I don't sound like your mother!), and inhale as you lift, and exhale as you slowly lower. 

Chair Triceps Exercises

Chair Exercises for Seniors #2 Triceps: The triceps are the muscles at the back of the upper arm (also called tuckshop or bingo arms!) This is a very simple exercise. You'll need to sit away from the back of the chair. Inhale as you move elbow back behind you and exhale as you bring it forward again. Use weights if you wish

Balance Exercise for Seniors

#3 Calves Exercise: Feet under each hip, so you're nicely balanced. Then up onto your toes as you inhale and down again slowly on the exhale.

Balance Exercise for Seniors

#4 Side Leg Lifts: Inhale as you lift leg out to the side, and exhale as you bring it back in slowly.

Lower Back Exercise for Seniors

#5 Back Leg Lift: Inhale as you move your leg back, exhale as you bring it back in. When you feel confident with this one, and for example, while you're exercise the left leg, stand on toes of right leg.

Thigh Exercise for Seniors

#6 Knee Lifts: Inhale as you lift knee, exhale as you slowly lower.

Hamstrings Exercise for Seniors

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