Best Pilates DVD 

Best Pilates DVD : Here is our selection of DVDs which are suitable for people on a Beginner and Intermediate level of fitness. Brilliant for those over the age of 50.


 I was born with a curvature in my back and my nursing career, followed by small children didn't help. Any strenuous activity resulted in lower back pain and restricted what I could do. I actually did ONLY 2 beginner Pilates mat sessions before I felt better.   Although I get discomfort - I am very capable of carrying out strenuous gardening, housework, renovation etc and know that I have the knowledge of what to do to make it feel better and what my body is capable of - listening to my body.   I can now confidently live my life as I want and not worry too much about damaging my body.”  Majella (Qld. Australia)

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Stretching Exercises DVD
Best Pilates DVD #1

• A beautiful Pilates DVD filmed with Australian animals doing their stretches. Animals intuitively know how to stretch, but most of us don’t, and suffer Inflexibility & Pain because of it.

• Includes 25 stretches for every major muscle group in the body. You’ll do some on the floor, some sitting and some standing. You’ll be living in a fully-flexible and pain-free body in no time at all – and look all the much better for it...See short stretches video sample below...

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Pilates Ball Exercise DVD
Best Pilates DVD #2

  • These exercises are fun to do and extremely effective to promote core strength, greater flexibility and improved posture & balance.

• They will benefit anyone at the beginner or intermediate level of fitness and for the over 50’s.. See short ball exercise video below...

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Resistance Band Exercises 
Best Pilates DVD #3

•You can do wonders with this inexpensive little bit of rubber. Pilates is all about resistance exercise, and the band provides just that. This is a wonderful upper body workout that will give you results such as upper body strength, improved posture, nicely toned muscles and you'll walk a lot taller. Walk straight & tall into a room, and you’ll always make an impression. See short resistance band video below..

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Pilates Core Exercise DVD
 DVD #4

• This is a general full body tone-up – you’ll need no other device, except a mat on the floor. You’ll develop well toned muscles, better flexibility and a feeling of confidence as you begin to feel better in your own skin. You'll improve core strength, posture & balance. Included on the inside cover are full instructions for pelvic floor exercises, which are an important aspect of core strength.

• This will benefit anyone at the beginner/intermediate level of fitness and for over 50’s..See short core exercises video below...

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Core Strength DVD

Check out our collection of DVDs or Download for phone or computer - you're sure to find one that is just right for you. There are 4: Core Strength Exercises, Stability Ball Exercises, Resistance Band Exercises & Stretching Exercises.

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