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Newsy Pilates Stuff , Issue #1 -- teaser here
November 22, 2010

December 2010 Issue #1 the very first!!!!


Thank you for joining me. Together, we can enjoy our pilates exercises with increasing understanding about what our bodies need.

This month ask yourself - Do I get a pain in my leg? Then why?

  • Information about iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome
  • Illustrated ITB stretches
  • Video ITB stretch
  • Celebrity Spotlight

My figure used to be my fame, and helped me get ahead. That was fifteen years ago, and now my fame has spread.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

If you do get a pain in the leg, it may be due to a tight ITB. The ITB is a very common injury zone for runners, cyclists, during pregnancy and as we age. If you need an orientation with the pic on the left, the lump on the right side is your backside (glutes).

The iliotibial band runs down the outside of the upper leg from the hip to the knee, and is more like a flat tendon than a muscle. Its origin is a part of the hip called the iliacus (very top of pic) and it's attachment point is the tibia in the lower leg. When it is tight, IT HURTS and it may cause pain above or below the knee, the side hip, or in the inner thigh area. The latter is because that muscle needs to work a lot harder to compensate for the imbalance in the ITB.

Illustrated ITB Stretches #1

To start, cross your right foot over left. Most of your weight should be on your left foot.
With arm overhead, lean as far as you can to your left. If you move hips forward, youll feel the stretch on outside of the right leg and maybe lower back.

ITB Video Stretch #2

I find the most effective one is done on a roller. It hurts like mad, but really does work. I have an ongoing problem with my ITB, so the roller is left in front of the television set its the only way I cant avoid it because if I dont maintain the stretches, I pay for it.

Youll find this stretch on the website when you click HERE for VIDEO.

Our Celebrity Spotlight

DAVID Beckham is hoping to stretch his career out until hes 40 by doing body-bending Pilates exercises.

David Beckham does pilates

Til next month,
Best wishes, Pamela.

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