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Newsy Pilates Stuff , Issue #2
January 03, 2011

January 2011 Issue #2


Thank you for joining me. Together, we can enjoy our pilates exercises with increasing understanding about what our bodies need.

This month ask yourself - Why do I get lower back pain?
Featured this month:

  • Information about lower back exercises
  • Illustrated back exercises
  • Video lower back exercise
  • Celebrity Spotlight - why Claudia Fisher has no lower back pain and loves her pilates

Lower Back Exercises

Lower Back Exercises can be as gentle or as strong as you want it to be. It would be wise, before you begin these exercises, to check with your health practitioner to make sure that, if you are feeling any pain, there is not an underlying problem that needs to be sorted out first. If you haven't done these movements before, its important to begin carefully and slowly. If your back muscles are tight, they wont strengthen as well as they could, so its important to also do back stretches which we will feature in next months newsletter.

Together with strong back muscles, you must also develop core strength and you'll need to find suitable core strength exercises on our website CLICK HERE

An easy extremely effective back exercise can be done on your pilates ball. Take small steps and increase intensity over time - you can, for instance, hold weights. Start with your hands behind your head and nose on the ball, then lift up on the inhale and lower down on the exhaled breath. Perform the exercise to the rhythm of your breath, NOT fast. Squeeze your glutes (backsides) together as you lift, it will add to the benefit of lower back muscles. Check this link for more BALL EXERCISES

Back Stretch

Simple, just relax - particular in hips and shoulders.

Lower Back Exercise Video

3 GREAT EXERCISES No need for you to read words - video has audio capability.

Click HERE for VIDEO.

Our Celebrity Spotlight

Claudia Schiffer is doing Pilates to help regain her pre-baby figure. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is doing Pilates to help regain her pre-baby figure following the birth of her third child, Cosima, in May. She needs her stunning body back, and has enlisted the help of a personal trainer and pilates exercises every day.

See PICS & click here to:


Til next month,
Best wishes, Pamela.

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