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Resistance Band Exercise , Issue #14
August 12, 2012


Thank you for joining me. Together, we can enjoy our pilates exercises with increasing understanding about what our bodies need.
This month : Resistance Band Exercise -

1. Information about Resistance exercise
2. The Benefits
3. Resistance Band Exercises
4. Resistance Band Exercise Video.

Resistance Exercise

What is resistance exercise you ask; and how does it work for exercise? It's weight bearing exercise without using weights. The development of muscle tone and strength, is caused by microscopic tears in muscle fibres. When a fibre is torn, in the process of repairing itself, it will grow stronger. This is what is referred to as “anabolism” which means "to grow" and this is what happens with resistance exercise. And we don’t need anabolic steroids to do it!

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of resistance exercise?

We lose 2.25 kg of muscle every decade after age 30.The number of muscle fibres declines with age. From age 30 to age 70 we can lose more than 25% of strength fibres.. Resistance exercise can slow down or even reverse this process.

How do I do resistance exercise?
Pilates studio equipment is resistance equipment. The reformer, cadillac, and the wunda chair, all use systems of pulleys and springs to create resistance.If you prefer, small inexpensive equipment such as the magic circle and stability ball are fantastic. This ezine however, is devoted to resistance band exercises which will help provide you with an excellent fitness regime.
All these exercises are performed with 10 repeats.


Shoulder Exercise 2.Start with resistance band held with loose tension in this position and stretch out to sides at chest height.

Being with arms out to the side, above your head. Inhale as you draw the band down to this position, and exhale as you resist the return to the original position.

This is a Triceps Exercise (underneath upper arms). Begin in first position, with only a small length of band between each hand. You'll quickly get the feel of how much. Decrease the length, when you want more challenge.
Stretch your arm right out as in the second pic. Then, bend your arms a little and hold the position for the count of 3. Exhale as you do this, inhaling with the remainder of the movement.

This exercise can be done kneeling in this position or standing. If you prefer standing, stand on one end of the band, and hold the other end in the same side hand. For example, if it's under the right foot, hold in the right hand.
You can do a couple of different exercises here, one drawing straight arms out to the front, the other drawing arms out the the side.
With all these thereband upper body exercises be certain to draw the shoulder blades down the back. If you're doing the exercise with your shoulders hunched up, you'll not get getting the full benefit.

This months VIDEO - Resistance Band Exercises

To view a SHORT 2-MINUTE video on Resistance Band Exercises, go to: Resistance Band Video.

To view our full Pilates Exercise MENU, go to: PILATES EXERCISE MENU

Our Celebrity Spotlight

Matt Damon has been my favourite actor for ages, and I only just found out that he does Pilates. Love it!


Til next month,
Good luck, Pamela.

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