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Hamstrig Stretches , Issue #14
April 06, 2012


Thank you for joining me. Together, we can enjoy our pilates exercises with increasing understanding about what our bodies need.
This month : Hamstrings -

1. General Description of Hamstring Muscles
2. Standing Stretches
3. Sitting Stretches
4. New DVDs.

Flexible Hamstrings

The Hamstring Muscles are huge. They are of course at the back on the thigh, attaching to the hip and also below your knee. They function over 2 joints - that is the hip (where they extend to allow the leg to move back) and the knee (where they flex to allow the leg to bend). They're in constant use one way or another, so when they are tight, you really know it! Pain may be felt either in the hip, lower back or knee. Tightness in hamstring muscles is so very common, both with people who exercise & stretch diligently and those who do not, such as sedentary older people and computer operators who are compelled to sit too long at the desk.

A significant symptom of tight hamstrings is lower back pain. This is because the tight hamstrings will draw down the posterior pelvis pulling it out of alignment, and then causing problems with the sacro-iliac joint at the base of the spine, which will also have a negative impact on your posture.

Standing Stretches

Firstly, the Standing Stretch: Feet are hip-width apart. Simply, roll slowly down as far forward as possible. A second version of this, when your hamstrings are in reasonable condition, is to roll down with your knees bent, put fingers under your feet, and straighten you knees. If you can do this, you have excellent hamstrings – but be sure to keep up the stretch regularly. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds.

Sitting Stretches

Secondly, the Sitting Stretch: Legs out straight in front of you. Roll upper body forward as far as is reasonably comfortable, and hold the stretch for 20 or so seconds. Make sure you breath as you do this – use your diaphragm as you do this.

New DVD's

You may be interested to know that this month, we have release a series of 4 DVDs of beautiful Pilates Exercises and Stretches. The Stretches DVD is my favourite. It was filmed at Alma Park Zoo with Aussie animals. Animals instinctually know how to stretch, but we have instinctively forgotten! We’ve wonderful footage of animals stretching – as we copy.

Click: Link to Pilates DVDs

This months VIDEO - Hamstring Stretches

To view our full MENU with short 2 minute VIDEO on how to stretch hamstrings,go to: Hamstring Stretches.

Our Celebrity Spotlight

Victoria’s Secret favourite Model has a SECRET....

She eats her cake, and feels good about it..... She’s got a great shape but won’t deny she loves her treats as well and won’t deprive herself of favoured food. Her secret of course is Pilates and Yoga.

Victoria's Secret favourite Model has a SECRET.....

Til next month,
Good luck and all the best for 2012, Pamela.

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