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7 Fitness Issues for over 50's , Issue #14
August 25, 2013


Thank you for joining me. Together, we can enjoy our pilates exercises with increasing understanding about what our bodies need.

This month : 7 Big Fitness Issues -

Information about what they are and what to do about them

1. Lack of Core Strength

2. Tight Muscles & Inflexibility

3. Lower Back Problems

4. Deteriorating Posture

5. Problems with Balance

6. Pelvic Floor issues (men have one too!)

7. Osteoporosis

The 7 Fitness Issues

There's a popular saying around currently "Old Age isn't for Sissys". How true is this? There are many things that challenge us as we age and it isn't easy to deal with them at times. The way I see things relating to fitness for people who are over 50, there are 7 major issues we need to address. If you can think of another major problem, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

CORE STRENGTHThe lack of core strength amongst those in our age group is pretty obvious when you look around and notice those with poor posture. Our “core muscles” include all those from your neck to your lower back – and pelvic floor muscles of course. Click on the link to check out exercises that will help promote a strong core. Your posture will also improve when you do core exercises – so click on our posture exercises for info here. CORE EXERCISES Your posture will also improve when you improve your core strength. If posture is something you would like to work on, click on the link here: POSTURE EXERCISES

INFLEXIBILITYMany in our age group are afflicted with tight muscles which also involves of course, poor flexibility. Generally speaking for example, women often suffer with a tight neck and shoulders and men often from tight hamstrings. If you would prefer to live in a flexible pain-free body, click on the link below. There is a full stretch menu for you to choose from. You’ll find plenty of illustrated stretches with short 2 minute video for you to watch with all stretches. STRETCHES MENU

BALANCE EXERCISESWe all get a bit wobbly as we age if we don't "challenge" our balance. Did you know that balance is related to your brain? If you’re concerned with deteriorating balance and would like to read about the connection with your brain, click on this link which will demonstrate how to improve this vital problem: BALANCE EXERCISES.

BACK PAINFirstly it important to check with your health practitioner to determine just what is causing your lower back pain before you begin an exercise regime. Perhaps it's the 3G's? Gardening, golf or grandchildren? Gentle exercises will help, together with a stretching regime. The links here will be of benefit for both gentle exercising and stretching these muscles. Being free of pain is a blissful thing... LOWER BACK EXERCISES: LOWER BACK STRETCHES

PELVIC FLOORIncontinence? Prolapsed? These pelvic floor is a muscle which also needs to “work”. Strengthen your pelvic floor with these exercises you'll find on the link below. It will definitely greatly improve your difficulties.


Finally Osteoporosis. When exercises the main thing to remember here is forward flexion is a no-no. It is best to ascertain with your health practitioner BEFORE you begin an exercise program.

FINAL WORDWe need to know that it’s never too late to begin exercise and get stronger. Top Senior, Joseph Pilates lived into his 80’s and was still doing strenuous exercise. I’m not suggesting you need to perform too strenuously, but you DO have to work at it......

This months VIDEO

Click on this link, and you'll find an 88 year old doing the Salsa as if she were 28! It'll put a spring in your step knowing just is what possible as we age.... SALSA VIDEO.

Til next month,

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