Fitness Exercises for Seniors

Fitness Exercises for Seniors :  I would like to present a small selection of videos that will help you become stronger and more flexible.  These exercise will improve:-

Balance,  Posture, Core Strength, Flexibility, Back Problems, Pelvic Floor issues, Neck Pain and tight Hamstrings.

It's easy, it's a simple download...

Fitness Exercises for Seniors: Stretching Exercises

The first is stretching exercises.  This has been filed in a zoo with animals, observing how well they do their stretches, and doing the same..  It'll be lots of fun for you as well being of great benefit.  Get rid of those tight muscles in your body. 

There is an exercise for most major muscle groups.  For example, starting from the top, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Triceps,  Back, Hips, Quads, Hamstrings, Psoas and Ilio Tibial Band.

People I instruct, say there is nothing better than to enjoy a fully flexible body.  As we age, our tendons, ligaments and muscles become tight, short and dried out - sounds terrible doesn't it?  Let's get rid of that stagnation for you...

 Sample Stretches preview
for full Stretches Download (coming soon)

Fitness Exercises for Seniors: 
Core Strength

The second video is a general exercise focusing on core strength.  What I mean by "core" is your torso,  everything below your neck and above your pelvis.  These exercises will help you tone and strengthen those muscles.  Core strength also plays a big part in balance and posture - particularly upper back posture.

Joseph Pilates was known to quote:  "As we age, our torso collapses down into our pelvis"!  Not a nice thought, but quite true... We need to pick ourselves up out of the pelvis and walk tall.

Sample Core Exercises preview 
for full Stretches Download (coming soon)

Fitness Exercises for Seniors:
Resistance Band

The Theraband (or Exercise Band) is a very very useful little strip of rubber.  As you probably know Pilates is all about Resistance Exercises.  The Theraband provides resistance in spades, and it's the least expensive piece of exercise equipment you will ever know!

This video will help with upper body strength as well as general toning and stretching.  Your posture will improve as quickly as your confidence does.

Please forgive my dazzling t-shirt in this video.  I didn't realize at that stage that video cameras do not like stripes!

Sample Theraband Exercises preview 
for full Stretches Download (coming soon)

These videos contain simple and easy exercises and stretches.  They may be easy, but they are high effective you can be sure of that.  It's an wonderful  way to stay in shape and it will only take you 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week.  Easy?

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