Fitness Exercises for Seniors

Fitness Exercises for Seniors: You may have noticed as you've grown older that your flexibility is, shall we say, not quite as good as when you were 21. Did you know that gentle stretching exercises every day  can help improve your body's ability to bend massively?" 

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Stretches  for Seniors
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Fitness Exercises for Seniors:  Below, you will find a Video to help with you inflexibility.There is an exercise for most major muscle groups.  For example, starting from the top, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Arms,  Back, Hips, and Thighs.

My students say there is nothing better than  a fully flexible body.   So, let me help you get rid of that stagnation for you...

Try it first! (3 min Youtube video below) 

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Strength Training for Seniors 
(Full Workout Video for Download)

Strength Training for Seniors.  This video works all major muscle groups.  The exercises are designed specifically for people over 50.  (That's me well and truly!)Strength Training for Seniors. This video works all major muscle groups. The exercises are designed specifically for people over 50. (That's me well and truly!)

Fitness Exercises for Seniors: How do you feel about your level of fitness? Maybe it's time to get into a routine...The second video are exercises focusing on core strength.  What I mean by "core" is your torso,  everything below your neck and above your pelvis.  These exercises will help you tone and strengthen those muscles.  Core strength also plays a big part in balance and posture - particularly upper back posture.

Try it first! (3 min Youtube Video below)

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Theraband Exercises for Seniors 

Fitness Exercises for Seniors: You may be concerned about losing your posture?  This little Video focuses on your upper body.  The Theraband (or Exercise Band) is a very very useful little strip of rubber.  As you probably know Pilates is all about Resistance Exercises.  The Theraband provides resistance in spades, and it's the least expensive piece of exercise equipment you will ever know!

Your posture will improve as quickly as your confidence to walk tall.

Try it first! (3 mins Youtube Video below)

Download Theraband workout here $15

You will receive the full workout Video on your phone or other electronic device...

These videos contain simple and easy exercises and stretches.  They may be easy, but they are high effective you can be sure of that.  It's an wonderful  way to stay in shape and it will only take you 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week.  Easy?

They are available in 2 ways..  First is a digital download and the other is in a hard copy DVD.  


Susan, Buderim Qld.

When I first started Pilates about 10 years ago, I wanted to tone up my body focusing on core strength.

I have been regularly doing Pilates ever since and my 2 top physical achievments have been increased flexibility (particularly lower back) and increased upper body strength.

Arnis Siksna 

Honored and happy to write this “testimonial:”I am a sedentary guy, whose wife tried for years to persuade me to join her in yoga, aerobics and other physical activities. Pilates was the first one I thought I might be able to cope with when I was nearing 70.We both joined Pamela’s ‘Fit and 50’ classes about 14 years ago and I was hooked—Monday morning Pilates became a necessary start for my week! For a long time I was the only male in the group, but recently several others have joined.

Pamela is an excellent teacher, who explains the anatomical reasons behind each exercise. But the real joy is the friendship and the fun she nurtures in our group!  Arnis

Majella  (Qld. Australia)

I was born with a curvature in my back and my nursing career, followed by small children didn't help. Any strenuous activity resulted in lower back pain and restricted what I could do.

I actually did ONLY 2 beginner Pilates mat sessions before I felt better.
Although I get discomfort - I am very capable of carrying out strenuous gardening, housework, renovation etc and know that I have the knowledge of what to do to make it feel better and what my body is capable of - listening to my body

I can now confidently live my life as I want and not worry too much about damaging my body.

Lyn  (Nambour)

In the beginning,...... there were sagging breasts, flabby tummy, loose? pelvic floor (lots of trips to the loo); no strength

THEN....along came a flyer from Pamela's sister in law, Jill, about a Pilates class for over 50's.

THREE YEARS LATER.....pert breasts; washboard tummy; tight pelvic floor; STRONG CORE!

Now are you convinced? If you email Pamela she will show you how you too can have a body like mine!!  LOL, Lyn

Jan F. (Maroochydore, Qld, Australia)

Pilates introduced me 18 months ago to a comprehensive range of stretching and strengthening movements through an exercise routine which I attend weekly.

I have selected many individual words to describe my thoughts about pilates:


As you can see, I am an enthusiastic participant of this fitness regimen – thank you Joseph Pilates.

Jill Cheyne  (Buderim Qld. Australia)

I have always enjoyed playing sport, but I got to the stage that I was continually suffering nagging pains which I think were caused by old injuries. Because I wasn't doing any stretches, I also used to be very inflexible. Since I started pilates though, I am much more supple and am free of the pain. Can even touch my toes! Miracle really!

Cathy Johnson Campbell (Alexandra Heads)

My first introduction to pilates was just last year when I was looking at options to increase my fitness. I was thinking that I'd start Yoga again (after a 12 year hiatus!), and was looking at various class locations. While looking around, the words 'Pilates Class' kept popping up in my field of vision.

So I started to do a bit of research about the benefits of pilates. Everything was telling me how good it is for building core strength, which in turn is a vital ingredient for overall health. Hmmm... sounded pretty good to me so I decided to take a few classes.

The classes really surprised me. We started with some limbering up, followed by a number of floor exercises... it made me think of the calisthenics I did as a kid. As classes continued, I was gradually introduced to a big blue ball, a resistance band, some weights, and finally a wooden stick. Stretches were interspersed throughout every session.

During class I knew I was working because it was difficult, sometime impossible, to complete all the repetitions Pamela was guiding us through. And the next day I had even more reminders that my fitness was being built because my muscles were sore!

Within a few months I began to get further feedback that my body was indeed becoming fitter and more capable of taking care of me. My chiropractor assured me that my lower back was more stable. And I noticed a simple but wonderful side affect that I wasn't expecting... turning my neck to check for traffic while I was driving was becoming easier again!

I've only been doing pilates exercises 1 hour a week and I can feel these great benefits. I'm looking forward to when Pamela has her pilates videos available, as that will make it easy for me to do another hour a week on my own at home.

I'm definitely a pilates convert... it feels great to get fitter as I get older!

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