Theraband Exercises

Theraband Exercises: It always amazes me what this little piece of rubber can do. It's incredibly effective and you will find that you can do a good strong workout with it. It comes in different colours (indicating strength) and black is usually the strongest.

As with all of our pilates, breathing is very important during exercise. All of these examples require 2 movements - one stretching the band out and the other resisting the return. So, inhale as you stretch the band out and exhale as you return it SLOWLY....

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Theraband Triceps Exercise
Triceps Resistance: Step 1.
It's most important to begin with good posture. So, feet parallel & slightly apart, head up, and draw your "shoulder blades" down your back. Start in this position. One hand around the shoulder blade area,and the other on your head -with no tension on the band at this stage.

Theraband Triceps Exercise

Step 2: Now stretch the top arm up and lift torso up out of the pelvis.

Theraband Triceps Exercise

Step 3: With this step, just bend the top arm a little, until you feel your triceps working and hold for count of 5. Repeat 10 times with both arms.

Theraband Upper Body Exercise

Core & Shoulder: Do this standing on one foot as the Pic or both feet if you prefer. This requires you to challenge your balance as well - so you'll get good core strength juice... Inhale as you draw arms up to this position, and exhale as you lower down. Keep you're arms straight, and you'll be working very nicely into your shoulders and pecs.

Theraband Upper Body Exercise
Core & Upper Arm: Again, stand on one or two feet - your choice. Beginning with elbows bent, inhale as you move arms up and exhale as you lower down.

Theraband Upper Body Exercise

Core & Shoulder: Again, inhale as you draw arms out to the side and lift, exhale as you lower down again.

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