Seniors Exercise

Seniors Exercises: Benefits of Resistance Exercise:

  • Slowing aging process by building muscle mass and strength.

  • Raising metabolic rate - an important factor in maintaining body weight.

  • Resistance exercise ha bseen shown to build bone.

    Exercise for Seniors

    Osteoporosis is a condition of accelerated bone mineral loss which leads to fractures and can be a crippling disease, particularly in women. In fact, over the age of 60, 50% of Australian women have osteoporosis and 30% of men. So take heart and know that research on resistance exercise suggests that it can build bone in this age group.

  • Here is the link for your exercise program, but before you leave this page, it's important to read the information given here.

  • There is some evidence that resistance exercise help lower moderately high blood pressure.

  • Better strength, particularly core strength, improves balance and can lead to fewer falls as we age. You can do resistance exercises with the use of free weights, resistance bands, balance balls and indeed, your very own body weight is a fine weight bearing exercise tool.

Stretching Exercise
Just a few more pointers about FLEXIBILITY, before we move on to specific exercises: Tendons shrink and joints become stiff over time leading causing the loss of flexibility and mobility. However,your ILLUSTRATED STRETCHING EXERCISES are easy to perform and will give you suppleness and, in some cases, a pain free body. Follow this link.

  • Balance: Each year, hospitals see thousands of senior patients for broken hips due to falling. Our BALANCE EXERCISES can help you avoid injuries from falls and keep you independent and mobile. NB For those of you who may be chair-bound, please visit our specific illustrated CHAIR EXERCISES exercises specific to suit your needs.

  • Posture: Seniors spend their life, doing things “forward” of their bodies. Think about how you constantly are using your hands in front of your body, or bending forward over a book or newspaper. Being mindful of your posture by using our POSTURE EXERCISES that you'll find if you click here.

  • Mental & Emotional: Seniors sleep better with a good exercise regime. You’ve earned it! Your self confidence will improve when all those happy hormones start to pump through your body..

  • Pilates Exercises
    You don't want to look like this, however, BACK PAIN is a huge problem for many as we age and pot bellies are hugely responsible for it. We have lots of information and exercise examples together with exercise stretches on this page. Please have a look at LOWER BACK EXERCISES However, be mindful to check with your health practitioner before commencing any strong exercises. Start gently!!)

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