Quick Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Our DIETICIAN'S, Susie White has 6 Quick Weight Loss Tips -you're welcome to add your own tips in the box below...

By Susie W.

Achieving weight loss can be looked at as merely creating an energy deficit in your overall food intake for the day. Energy is another word used for Kilojoules or Calories so what this means is really reducing the amount of Calories we eat. This then forces our bodies to use up our fat stores.

6 Ways to cut the calories

  1. Limit fats (these contribute the most energy to our diets) Fats we add: Thin Spread of margarine/ butter on toast, reduce oil used in cooking.
    Fats that are hidden: cut visible fats from meats and choose lean varieties, swap fried foods/ pastries/ cakes for grilled foods/ fruit/ veg and low fat dairy.

  2. Increase fruit and vegetables, aim for 2 serves fruit and 5 serves veg/day.

  3. Reduce portion sizes - One of the best quick weight loss tips. Even eating healthy foods can lead to weight gain if we are eating too much of them, so be aware of what a portion is: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/abhi/publishing.nsf/Content/Portion+and+serving+sizes-lp Meat is an easy one to over consume, try to stick to eating red meat that is the same size as the palm of your hand, you can also try using a smaller plate for meals.

  4. Water – 8 glasses/day, avoid soft drinks/sports drinks/ and limit juices. Try drinking water with your meals to help fill you up.

  5. Choose wholegrain breads and cereals: Grainy breads/ whole meal rice/ pasta or crisp breads / cous cous. These take longer to digest and create a feeling of fullness.

  6. Alcohol – Contributes calories to our diet as well. For example 1 glass of white wine contains more calories than a Tim tam! A good way to reduce the calories is to mix with soda water this will also keep you hydrated.

Health benefits of maintaining weight within your healthy weight range include: Reducing risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, some cancers and sleep apnea.

Are you in a Healthy Weight Range?
Check our Body Mass Index (BMI) chart HERE.

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Other useful Weight Management & Quick Weight Loss Tips

  • Be active everyday in as many ways as you can, for e.g. take the stairs over the lift, walk/ ride to work where possible or hop off the bus a stop early to walk to your destination.

  • Set realistic and achievable goals.

  • Learn to distinguish between physical hunger and eating in response to emotions/ habit and environmental cues. If you are not eating for hunger try doing an activity in place of eating for example call a friend or go for a walk.

  • Eat slowly and enjoy your food!

  • Eat moderate amounts from a wide variety of foods, don’t cut out those foods that you love just enjoy them in smaller quantities i.e. snack size chocolate bar in place of a normal size or frozen yoghurt in place of an ice cream.

  • Don’t skip meals; this is a very interesting quick weight loss tip. Skipping meals will work against you by slowing your metabolism or resulting in binge eating.

  • Keep a food diary of everything you eat, this will help you be aware of your eating habits, it may even help you identify what the triggers are that make you eat when you’re not hungry.

Best Abdominal Exercises

Thankyou Susie for those brilliant quick weight loss tips. We all are bombarded with so many weight loss diets, and I don’t know about you, but I find it very difficult to stick with any of them. If, by some miracle, I manage for a couple of weeks, I feel pretty good about it, but then, two weeks later and I’m back where I started from.

So that problem has become the inspiration for this page of my website. Of course doing pilates is great and that keeps me toned and fit, but offers no significant weight loss promises. So, dear reader, I’m asking for your help.
We all struggle with weight issues from time to time. Christmas comes along, we eat too much. We break up with our partner, we eat too much. We fall in love with chocolate, we eat too much of it. So what can we do about? What do you do about it? Would you share your quick weight loos tip here so all visitors can read about your suggestion and benefit from your wisdom and experience?

Trim up the flab, go to:
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Have a great Weight Loss Tip?

Found a gem of an idea that works for you? Like to tell us about it? Or tell us a story that you love about losing weight.

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